Cloud computing and managed hosting services provider iomart Hosting has announced that it has carried out a group- wide virtualisation project for office2office (o2o), the sole provider of offices supplies and Closed Loop document recycling services for the UK government. The project involved moving over 200 servers into iomart Hosting’s London data centre. The resulting group-wide virtualisation has vastly reduced o2o’s server hardware. There is a large VMware platform with built in backup, which provides the group’s DNS services, Active Directory plus SAN storage. There are also two dedicated database servers – an MSSQL Cluster and MSSQL Mirror. o2o’s IT had been focused around a single set of offices and one server room in Norwich as a legacy of its[…]

Stratus Technologies, the world leader of uptime assurance for critical business operations, today announced the Stratus® Uptime Appliance for vCenter Server, the universal management hub for the VMware vSphere virtualization infrastructure. As VMware’s centralised framework for managing server, network and storage resources continues to expand in the scope and sophistication, the risks associated with vCenter Server downtime increase many fold. VMware vCenter Server is a single point of failure; without it, there is no control over hosts or virtual machines within the infrastructure. “If the control tower at Chicago O’Hare airport suddenly went black, planes would continue to fly but, without someone directing traffic, order in the skies above the city would deteriorate quickly,” said Matt Eastwood, group vice president[…]