MobileWorxs has announced the UK availability of the MobileDemand xTablet C1200, a rugged, high specification convertible tablet PC. The device is designed for demanding in-field applications such as emergency services, agriculture, delivery and other situations where durable mobile computing is required. The xTablet can be transformed from a traditional laptop form factor, with a full sized keyboard, to a tablet PC, and features a large carrying handle, making it easier for workers to carry whilst on the move. Related Posts:Panasonic upgrades Toughbook CF-C1 mk2

Panasonic’s Toughbook CF-C1 has been updated to provide a more powerful processor, longer battery life and a better wireless network connection. The device can be used both as a traditional clamshell style laptop or a tablet PC thanks to its rotating screen, and is designed for use in environments where high durability is required. Related Posts:xTablet C1200 launched in UK