Approximately twenty percent of technology industry executives admit to rejecting job applicants based on their activity in social media, according to a survey of over 300 technology companies carried out by PR group, Eurocom. The survey also found that half of tech firms plan to increase their investment in social media over the coming year but 57 percent say that they cannot accurately measure the return on that investment. 23 percent believe they can measure the impact of their social media investment. The survey found that 74 percent of tech companies are using LinkedIn, 67 percent are on Twitter, 64 percent are on Facebook and 56 percent have a presence on YouTube. Half of the companies surveyed said they had[…]

A new system based on RFID technology enables retailers to create a link between their physical stores and their online social media channels. With the LifeSynk system retailers can offer their customers branded RFID smartcards which, when swiped on a reader at the store, can automatically share their activity via social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. The solution provides businesses with a social media-based loyalty scheme by allowing customers to unlock offers and share their activities simply by swiping their card at the store. The customer’s LifeSynk card can be synched with their Facebook account so that activity is seamlessly shared with their social network as a status update whenever the card is swiped, such as “I just[…]

According to research carried out by online marketing software vendor, EPiServer, 69 percent of UK businesses intend to recruit a social media or community manager within the next 12 months. As many consumers have embraced social media as their preferred channel for communicating with companies, there’s increasing demand for marketing professionals with the skills to manage these channels for businesses. The survey found that 73 percent of businesses are either currently managing some kind of online community, or plan to do so within a year. Businesses say that the three biggest challenges they face in social media are: Related Posts:SEO tips for small business [INFOGRAPHIC]Why UK businesses need a Google Places listing [INFOGRAPHIC]Twenty percent of tech firms reject applicants due[…]