Owned by Network Associates, McAfee is one of the oldest and most trusted brand names in anti-virus software. The Small Business Edition is a relatively new addition to the McAfee line up, but it is essentially a version of the existing Active VirusScan Suite tweaked for the SME market. The package features various bits of software designed to do different jobs. The core system is of course the basic VirusScan programme which sits on your Windows desktops and any servers you may have, and a version designed for Novell NetWare servers is also supplied. VirusScan is one of the most widely used desktop AV products around because, quite simply, it works. What makes this package interesting is the addition of[…]

Produced by Finnish company F-Secure, Internet Security 2004 is a desktop package featuring both an anti-virus element along with a personal firewall system. This double-pronged approach provides protection from conventional email viruses as well as the more advanced viruses which do not need email to propagate themselves. A firewall will also protect against unauthorised intrusion by hackers. Installation is a straightforward enough process and even non-technical users should not encounter any difficulties. Once installed the programme displays a little icon in the Windows system tray to show you that it is running and quick click of this will bring up the management console. All of the package‚Äôs features are controlled from this simple interface. From here you can change the[…]