When selecting a data projector it is important to understand the different features and specifications in order to ensure that choose the model most appropriate to your requirements. Armed with a thorough understanding of the different options on offer you will be able to make sense of the complicated specification lists and choose the right device. Related Posts:Data projector reviewsNew Dell projector

Viewsonic PJ510 A modestly priced entry level device which offers portability and a full complement of inputs, making it a likely proposition for home and business use. No frills, but a bargain basement price-point. Low brightness, but that is to be expected at this price point. Mitsubishi SE1U An entry level device with simple but effective specification that should be good enough for presenting in small meeting rooms. The brightness is not particularly high, so it will not produce good results in rooms with high ambient lighting. NEC VT47 This model offers a fairly standard specification for this price range, with the exception of its brightness level which is noticeably higher than other models in this entry level segment. A[…]

Dell’s latest projector, the 2200MP, is described as a ‘cross-over product’ that will appeal to small business users who travel (the weight is 2.1kg) and home users. It uses what is termed digital light processing (DLP) double digital rate (DDR) technology, to generate high resolution images. An auto-synchronisation feature adjusts the output resolution to match that from the input device. The 2200MP is supplied with a standard one-year warranty, and whole unit exchange service – x. Price: £799 Website: www.dell.co.uk   Related Posts:Understanding Digital Projector SpecificationsData projector reviews