Though we have seen great technological advances in recent years, the office printer remains as valuable as ever. Improved technology has also helped to make it easier for businesses to produce printed material in-house, from leaflets to brochures. Why An Office Needs A Printer Whether it’s for printing business cards, or printing out documents and letters, an office continues to need a printer. Printers also help to give a business a certain amount of gravitas. Though businesses can use emails to communicate with customers and clients, a letter printed on a company letterhead still looks more official and impressive. Related Posts:UK businesses urged to support Climate Week this March

Printer and copier manufacturer, Kyocera, is encouraging UK businesses to support sustainability by participating in Climate Week, which takes place from the 12th to the 18th of March this year, along with Earth Hour at 8:30pm on 31st of March. Businesses are being asked to pay extra attention to ensuring all non-essential electrical equipment is turned off for this period. Tracey Rawling Church, Kyocera Mita UK Director of Brand and Reputation commented “The business benefits of going green reach far beyond altruistic motives. Research shows that businesses with a strong sustainability strategy also tend to perform better in shareholder returns.” Related Posts:Bringing Printing Back To The Office