This guest post has been contributed by Mark Fraser, CEO of zappit Keeping up with the latest mobile technologies can be hard. Owners of small businesses would be forgiven for assuming that technologies such as Quick Response (QR) and Near Field Communication (NFC) are best left to bigger firms that have more resources and a deeper understanding of how they work. They would be wrong though. Related Posts: UK mobile networks team up on handset payments system

T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone and 02 have announced plans to collaborate on a system which will allow their customers to make retail payments with their mobile handsets. The new “wave and pay” system uses a technology called Near Field Communications (NFC) to enable quick and easy payments simply by waving an NFC enabled mobile handset next to a suitable transceiver in a shop, much like a smart card system such as Transport for London’s Oyster. Related Posts:Five business tech trends for 2013How SMEs can benefit from QR Codes37 percent of UK workers reply to business emails in bedNew Version of 1st Touch Mobile Innovates Across Multiple Platforms and DevicesAscensio offers project management tool for Android and iPhone