Retail giant, Tesco, has deployed Nolio ASAP to manage application release automation across its website  reducing  release time from days to hours. The system will  support Tesco’s deployment automation across its virtualised data centers, to improve the application deployment process for Related Posts:New reporting and analytics tool for online retailersLifeSynk enables retails to integrate social media with physical storesEPOS Software Leader, Total Retail Control Ltd., Selected as HRVision Distributor for UK & Ireland Retail Solutions MarketWebsite failures could cost UK businesses £37 billion per yearosCommerce review

Edinburgh based retail software specialist, Open Plus, has announced the launch of InsitePlus, a new reporting and business analytics tool for high growth online retailers with turnovers of up to £50million. The software, which integrates with Magento eCommerce, enables retailers implement more intelligent marketing campaigns and carry out sophisticated sales performance analysis. This provides capabilities such as customer profiling, acquisition and retention analysis, detailed reporting of sales broken down by product, region, type and value, providing retailers with a sophisticated decision making tools. The software can also handle stock management, as well as refunds and cancellations. Related Posts:Tesco significantly reduces application release time with NolioFive more business technology predictions for 2013LifeSynk enables retails to integrate social media with physical storesEPOS[…]

UK businesses risk losing up to £37 billion in revenues due to websites failing at peak trading periods, according to research from enterprise technology firm Micro Focus and the Centre for Economic and Business Research. The report also found that the £320 billion UK e-commerce industry already loses almost £100 million per year dues to website outages. The industry is growing at 20 percent per year, and this growth is expected to accelerate due to the growing number of consumers accessing online services from smartphones. Related Posts:Tesco significantly reduces application release time with NolioNew reporting and analytics tool for online retailersosCommerce reviewActinic reviewPayPal review

While there are few commercial products competing with Actinic, one product comes close to rivalling its support network. osCommerce ( is a an ‘open source’ ecommerce package which is available to anybody who wants it at absolutely no cost. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of free open source software, do not worry – there is no catch, the software is developed by a large team of skilled volunteers who collaborate over the web to produce high quality software that often rivals commercial products in terms of features and quality. Thousands of ecommerce sites around the world are based on osCommerce, to get an idea of what the software can do, take a look at or, two[…]

These kinds of products provide the tools you need to create an online shop without having to do any programming. In the UK and much of Europe the pre-packaged ecommerce software market is overwhelmingly dominated by a Surrey based company called Actinic. The company’s shop building software is a favourite with small business users who want to set up their own web sites and professional web developers who create sites for multiple clients. Although no independent figures are available for the ecommerce software sector, Actinic claims 56 per cent of the UK market and, as Chris Barling, the company’s chief executive officer puts it, “We are seven times bigger than anybody else in the market, so we do not have[…]

PayPal ( is a well established online payment gateway owned by eBay ( The service was originally designed to allow individuals to securely transfer cash online between each other, but has grown into a professional payment system favoured by smaller businesses which do not have the facility to accept credit card payments directly. PayPal Merchant Tools allow companies to accept credit card payments through their existing websites. The system works quite simply, once users have set up a free business account with the site they only have to insert a few lines of HTML code into their existing web pages to start selling online. For example, if your company has a simple web page containing details of your top product[…]

Whether your organisation sells direct to the public or offers goods to other businesses, a well implemented online store can have a dramatic effect on your company. The most obvious benefit is that by selling online you can reach a much wider audience and with careful marketing a website can result in significant sales increases. In addition to this many of your existing customers may find it easier to place their orders online, helping to streamline your sales processes. The simple fact is that the British public is becoming increasingly comfortable with online shopping and the widespread adoption of home broadband connections means that people are spending more time and money online than ever before. According to recent figures from[…]