Thousands of pounds continue to be spent on information security by companies of all shapes and sizes in order to “keep the bad guys out,” but with data leaks on the increase, it is clear that companies also face internal risks as well. Regardless of the source of the breach – individuals with a grudge, organised crime or hackers impersonating the ID of an employee with malicious intent – the risk is just as great from an accidental breach. Related Posts:37 percent of UK workers reply to business emails in bedIntegralis expands security operations centreSpam email causes IT security breaches in 40% of UK businesses [Infographic]New Review Highlights Time and Cost Savings By Simplifying IT Security OperationsNew unified data protection[…]

Atempo has announced the release of Atempo Live Navigator, an application designed to provide a high level of protection and reliability for an organisation’s digital assets, regardless of whether they are stored on a file server or end user’s desktop/laptop PCs. This includes devices in remote and branch offices. The application provides near-continuous data protection, which means that it creates backups of all data at very frequent intervals so that if a file is damaged at any point, the system can immediately revert to the most recent backup. In this way, there’s only ever a risk of a very small amount of data being lost, if any at all, and the system can recover from the fault almost seamlessly. Related[…]