Nebulas, the UK’s largest independent network security specialist has just launched a new, high level review service to help organisations reduce costs and improve efficiency by simplifying their IT security. Nebulas’Security Operations Review (SOR) is consultative review which looks at all aspects of a company’s security infrastructure. In addition to analysing the different technologies deployed, the review looks far more widely: at security policies, processes and procedures, how resources are used, network architecture, change management and risk mitigation strategies. The four-step review process uses remote and on-site information gathering to build a complete picture of an organisation’s security profile. From analysing the information, Nebulas’ consultants draft a detailed report which outlines ways to simplify the estate and increase operational efficiency. Based[…]

According to research from npower, 53 percent of SMEs in the UK are not taking any steps to monitor their energy efficiency and, consequently, are likely to be spending more than they need to on energy costs. 18 percent were unable to say whether they had reduced their energy usage over the past year. The research also found that amongst companies which do measure energy efficiency, half of them were able to achieve cost savings of up to 10 percent. Data from the Carbon Trust shows that SMEs have, on average, a potential energy saving opportunity of up to 20 percent, more than double that of larger businesses. Related Posts:New Review Highlights Time and Cost Savings By Simplifying IT Security[…]

According to research from Compass Management Consulting, businesses are paying up to 40% more than necessary for IT services due to a range of factors such as unnecessary customisation, redundant capacity, unconstrained consumption and inflexible contracts. According to the report, organisations have been successful in realising IT cost reductions of 8-15% on average, but by adopting standardised IT services they could achieve savings of up to 40%. Although the prices of hardware, software and services have fallen considerably in recent years, business spending on IT has continued to rise. The study claims this is due to the cost of over-configuration, under-utilisation and poor supply and demand balance. Related Posts:New Review Highlights Time and Cost Savings By Simplifying IT Security OperationsHalf[…]