Mono was once the master of the office, but new colour printers at competitive prices means that there is a surge in colour usage in the business world. The past two years have seen a massive surge in the availability of low cost entry-level colour laser printers and prices across the entire spectrum of colour lasers have dropped significantly. As a result an increasing number of business have invested in the machines. Low-end devices can now be purchased for as little as £200, while more powerful models provide the kind of capabilities that in the past would only be available at professional print shops. As ever, the acquisition cost of the devices paints only half of the picture. Ironically, one[…]

With the acquisition cost of inkjet printers standing at an all time low, it is easy to understand why many organisations are tempted to ignore their high running costs. For under £100, or even £50, you can start outputting high quality colour pages instantly, but there are several important differences between the two technologies that should be considered. Colour inkjets have a couple of key advantages, they are very cheap to acquire, technically easy to maintain (most inkjet cartridges are user replaceable, and there are no other consumables to worry about) and their print quality is unrivalled. If you need to print glossy, photographic images, a colour inkjet combined with good quality inkjet or photographic paper is really your only[…]