CommVault has announced the launch of its Modern Data Management software bundle which provides a range of features to help MS Exchange users address all of their data management issues with one tool. Aimed at small to mid-sized businesses, the bundle handles a number of important tasks including archiving, backup and recovery, data reduction, policy management, and global reporting. Modern Data Management enables businesses to handle all of these tasks through a single interface, reducing the cost and complexity of protecting their email infrastructure. Related Posts:Spam email causes IT security breaches in 40% of UK businesses [Infographic]New unified data protection software from Atempo protects businesses digital assets

Atempo has announced the release of Atempo Live Navigator, an application designed to provide a high level of protection and reliability for an organisation’s digital assets, regardless of whether they are stored on a file server or end user’s desktop/laptop PCs. This includes devices in remote and branch offices. The application provides near-continuous data protection, which means that it creates backups of all data at very frequent intervals so that if a file is damaged at any point, the system can immediately revert to the most recent backup. In this way, there’s only ever a risk of a very small amount of data being lost, if any at all, and the system can recover from the fault almost seamlessly. Related[…]