The rise of smartphones has fueled an increase in the amount of unpaid overtime worked by British workers, according to research carried out on behalf of mobile security software vendor, Good Technology. The survey of 1000 UK workers found that on average the time they spend checking emails and answering calls outside of office hours amounts to over three weeks of overtime per year. Increasingly, workers view this practice as essential to being able to perform their jobs, with 38 percent of respondents claiming it would be impossible to do their job without mobile access to email. Just 15 percent said they carry separate work and personal devices, in indication that the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend is here[…]

This guest post has been contributed by Simon Hill, CEO of Wazoku In tough economic times, differentiating your business from the competition grows ever more important. One of the most effective way of doing this is through good ideas and innovation – a new product, a new way of using social media, anything that helps your organisation stand out from the crowd. This is especially so for SMEs, who are not only competing with eachother but with larger organisations with more time, money and resources. But the suggestion that one brilliant idea will emerge, fully-formed and ready to transform your business is flawed. Ideas need work and collaboration. Creativity can emerge from anywhere within an organisation and at any time.[…]

Gunnebo, which specialises in bank security and cash handling, has dramatically sped up its reporting processes using a digital pen solution from Destiny Wireless, based on Anoto technology. As well as helping the company to secure a major new contract, the digital pens delivered a full return on investment in just four weeks. Imagine the potential business impact of a jammed lock, a broken key or a time delay that stops working. Preventative maintenance programmes should make all this less likely, but many high volume cash businesses – including major banks, supermarkets, high street retailers and cash-in-transit companies – rely on the swift  attention of Gunnebo engineers. Related Posts:No Related Posts

This guest post has been contributed by Alex Adamopoulos, CEO of Emergn Limited  Project Portfolio Management – or PPM – is moving up the corporate agenda.  This is good news for the IT department, because it aids better collaboration with ‘the business’, so that IT can be seen to tangibly add value and not viewed as just a cost centre. Related Posts:Ascensio offers project management tool for Android and iPhone

This guest post has been contributed by Tilman Eberle of Doodle Most people have uttered an inward curse as a meeting enters its third hour, with more actions joining an already lengthy to-do list. Meetings with investors, partners, customers, prospects and recruiters can be a genuine barrier to productive working and the time spent in meetings could add up to weeks for a small business owner over a calendar year. Related Posts:No Related Posts

A global survey of 3,800 workers in their twenties has discovered that Generation Y employees enter the workforce with an expectation that they should be able to use their own mobile devices for work purposes. This Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) attitude presents corporate IT departments with significant security and management obstacles. The survey was carried out on behalf of network security specialist, Fortinet. Related Posts:Five business tech trends for 201337 percent of UK workers reply to business emails in bedComtact wins major enterprise IT award

Managed services vendor, Comtact, this week picked up the IT Europa European Excellence award for vertical solution of 2012 in the enterprise category. The company won the award for a solution which enables secure wireless communication, asset and personnel tracking and a number of other enterprise mobility tools based on tablet computers. This was deployed for Saint Andrew’s Healthcare, a mental healthcare charity. Dominic List, Comtact Limited CEO said: “Our close working relationship with our customer St Andrew’s Healthcare has, without doubt, enabled us to truly deliver an Buy Cialis innovative, up to the minute, WiFi solution that that keeps their staff safe and supported at all times and is testament to being picked as the outright enterprise category winner.”[…]

Intuitive Business Intelligence, a BI dashboard vendor, has entered into a partnership with financial processing solution provider, Rimilia. The deal will help Intuitive address an increasing demand for greater integration of real-time financial performance data in BI dashboards to improve business decisions. Tony Bray, Managing Director of Intuitive Business Intelligence said “Finance departments need immediate, real-time access to the most relevant management information so they can immediately spot issues or opportunities. Rimilia’s financial software expertise and reputation for excellence combined with our leading-edge technology are an ideal fit, providing their customers with the very best solution to meet Blackjack Online their business intelligence dashboard needs.” Related Posts:Cloud based invoice processing system reduces costs, and carbon

This guest post has been contributed by Justin Fielder, Chief Technology Officer,  Easynet. Next generation technology solutions are emerging at a prolific rate, yet enterprises across Europe could find their integration hindered due to a lack of insight into the business networks; the applications running on them; and a lack of forward planning. A concern is that many critical business growth opportunities will be missed, and the technology best suited to empowering successful, dynamic, (and most importantly) agile enterprises will continue to perform with significant problems on legacy systems. Related Posts:No Related Posts

Mindjet, a vendor of mind-mapping and visualisation software, has merged two products in its ‘Connect’ online offering. Mapping tool, Connect Vision and task management application, Connect Action, have been integrated into a single solution to provide a more seamless user interface. The new product will be known simply as Mindjet Connect, which is designed to help team with brainstorms, project planning and mapping/planning actions for those projects. Users can now access the product through a single sign-on whether they are using the desktop, mobile or online version. Users can also now login using Facebook or Google credentials, with other platforms in the pipeline. Related Posts:Sales intelligence tool, OneSource iSell, launched in UK