This guest post has been contributed by Tilman Eberle of Doodle Most people have uttered an inward curse as a meeting enters its third hour, with more actions joining an already lengthy to-do list. Meetings with investors, partners, customers, prospects and recruiters can be a genuine barrier to productive working and the time spent in meetings could add up to weeks for a small business owner over a calendar year. Related Posts:No Related Posts

This guest post has been contributed by Justin Fielder, Chief Technology Officer,  Easynet. Next generation technology solutions are emerging at a prolific rate, yet enterprises across Europe could find their integration hindered due to a lack of insight into the business networks; the applications running on them; and a lack of forward planning. A concern is that many critical business growth opportunities will be missed, and the technology best suited to empowering successful, dynamic, (and most importantly) agile enterprises will continue to perform with significant problems on legacy systems. Related Posts:No Related Posts

SEO (search engine optimisation) is becoming an increasingly important part of the marketing mix for all businesses. The vast majority of purchasing decisions, consumer and B2B, involve a search engine at some stage of the journey. For businesses to perform well, they need to ensure that their websites appear highly in the search results, not just for their own brand names, but also for electronic cigarette locations to purchase search terms which are relevant to the products and services they offer. The good news is that SEO is not quite the dark art that some people believe. Getting the basics right can be very simple to achieve, and this is 90 per cent of the battle. Yell Marketing has put[…]

Google Places for Business is the search giant’s local directory listing service which makes it easier for consumers to find nearby businesses  – the company claims that the vast online casino online majority of search activity comes from people looking for local content. This infographic from Yell Marketing explains why it’s so important to get your business on Google Places. Related Posts:SEO tips for small business [INFOGRAPHIC]Why UK businesses should export [Infographic]Almost 70 percent of UK business plan to hire social media managers this yearGoogle offers free mobile-commerce tool

While the benefits offered by cloud infrastructure are clear, many businesses are still struggling to adopt the technology, mostly due to uncertainty and aversion to the perceived risk of moving business critical applications from tried and tested platforms. In this article,  Peter Job, CEO at cloud consultancy, Intergence, offers some advice for organisations looking to migrate their IT infrastructure to the cloud. 1. Business buy-in – It is vital to ensure that senior management buy-in and support the migration process within all parts of an organisation (development, operations, architecture, user groups etc). A cloud migration will need to go through several pilots and iterations before full deployment. If it is to be successful, senior management need to be aware and supportive of the timescales[…]

With World IPv6 Day fast approaching on 6th June this year, it is time for organisations to deal with the impact of IPv6 on their networks. “The address pool for IPv4 was exhausted last year,” said Ian Kilpatrick, chairman of Wick Hill Group,  “Major Internet service providers, (ISPs), manufacturers and web companies around the world are coming together to enable IPv6 for their products and services by 6th June. With these moves, and to take advantage of the increased scalability of IPV6, organisations have to plan now to deal with the impact of IPv6 on their business infrastructure.” Kilpatrick stressed that most organisations weren’t looking for a ‘Big Bang’ approach to IPV6, not least because of the cost and disruption. “While[…]

Generally speaking you do not need to worry about drivers when buying a popular brand name scanner, but it is worth understanding the basics to avoid potential confusion. The de facto standard which allows scanners and other optical devices to communicate with PCs is called TWAIN. The acronym purportedly stands for ‘technology without an interesting name’. Almost all scanners are TWAIN compatible, featuring driver software which allow them to work seamlessly with a wide range of related software. In recent years an alternative to TWAIN has emerged – ISIS (image and scanner interface specification). ISIS can be thought of an industrial strength driver specification designed to allow scanners to work more effectively with enterprise level applications. Manufacturers often provide both[…]

When selecting a data projector it is important to understand the different features and specifications in order to ensure that choose the model most appropriate to your requirements. Armed with a thorough understanding of the different options on offer you will be able to make sense of the complicated specification lists and choose the right device. Related Posts:Data projector reviewsNew Dell projector

Print Speed Quoted in pages per minute (ppm) the print speed is the theoretical maximum throughput that the printer is capable of. In reality, most jobs sent to the printer won’t achieve that speed, since the printer often needs time to warm up and different types of documents may take longer to process before they can be printed. If, for example, you sent 50 copies of the same simple text document to the printer then it would probably achieve its top speed. But sending numerous jobs of different size and complexity (as is more often the case) will result in a noticeably slower throughput speed. Related Posts:The case for colour printers in businessColour inkjets versus colour laser printersHigh-volume options from[…]

Most small businesses assume that unless they want to use Apple computers, they have little choice but to use Microsoft Windows as their desktop operating system. In most cases, Windows is indeed the best option simply because almost everybody knows how to use it, and it runs pretty much every software application you could need. However, not everybody is happy with Windows and amongst those seeking an alternative Linux is the clear favourite. In a recent report entitled ‘Migrating to Linux on the Desktop – A practical IT management view’ analyst firm Quocirca ( interviewed 1700 IT professionals on the subject. Their report cites several key reasons that organisations are considering turning away from Windows. Unsurprisingly, poor security and the[…]