Barbara Kroll, UK Managing Director of Twinfield questions, how is the steady migration from on-premise accounting software to online accounting affecting the relationship between businesses and their accountants? There’s no doubt that online accounting is quickly becoming prevalent in the UK, not least because it allows easier any-time access, a reduction in admin processes and lower start-up costs. So, how should accounting practices respond to this new business landscape?  What impact will it have on the way they run their own practices and the way they interact with their customers? The advantages of online accounting are clear.  Firstly, for the end user it offers simplicity and ease of use, combined with 24/7 access, reduced IT and admin, genuine scalability and[…]

Gunnebo, which specialises in bank security and cash handling, has dramatically sped up its reporting processes using a digital pen solution from Destiny Wireless, based on Anoto technology. As well as helping the company to secure a major new contract, the digital pens delivered a full return on investment in just four weeks. Imagine the potential business impact of a jammed lock, a broken key or a time delay that stops working. Preventative maintenance programmes should make all this less likely, but many high volume cash businesses – including major banks, supermarkets, high street retailers and cash-in-transit companies – rely on the swift  attention of Gunnebo engineers. Related Posts:No Related Posts