epson printer2Though we have seen great technological advances in recent years, the office printer remains as valuable as ever. Improved technology has also helped to make it easier for businesses to produce printed material in-house, from leaflets to brochures.

Why An Office Needs A Printer

Whether it’s for printing business cards, or printing out documents and letters, an office continues to need a printer. Printers also help to give a business a certain amount of gravitas. Though businesses can use emails to communicate with customers and clients, a letter printed on a company letterhead still looks more official and impressive.

Using a printer to print out copies of important information, such as memos, can still be a better way of distributing information to employees than by email – which may not always reach its intended destination. Distributing printed information also helps for workers to interact with each other face to face, rather than emailing information.

Even when an office prefers to use email to distribute information within a business, problems can occur, such as a lost Internet connection. When a functioning printer is already in the office then the problem won’t seem so acute. Printers are also a useful way of backing up information, and especially so regarding important and recent emails, which may become inaccessible when a network is down.

Benefits Of The Multifunction Printer

A multifunction printer is also a boon for any office, and also┬áthe environment, because of its ability to do the tasks of several standalone machines. Because a multifunction printer can scan and make photocopies it also helps to improve the amount of free – space which might normally be set aside for a scanner and/or photocopier. A multifunction printer can also be used to send and receive faxes and emails.

Continued Improvements In Printing Technology

Environmental concerns about the use of printers have been met by the availability of recycled paper, the ability to refill ink cartridges, and by printers generally having less of an impact on the environment – such as the Epson WorkForce Pro Series, where the only part that has to be replaced is the cartridge, and which is a printer that has a strong emphasis on low energy consumption.

The speed of printers continues to increase, which makes it even easier to distribute printed material more quickly. This is also advantageous when there’s a need to get memos printed and distributed quickly. The advent of the colour printer has also allowed for companies to be bolder, by being able to produce full colour brochures or booklets quickly and in-house.

Printing will no doubt progress and utilize more and more facilities in the future. There also remains the human issue. People do tend to prefer the tangible feeling that something printed on paper brings, rather than something that has been sent electronically.

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