As technology advances, SMEs are gaining capabilities previously only available to larger enterprises. Cloud computing has proven to be an effective method of levelling the playing field: allowing SMEs to access a wide range of software, platforms and infrastructure as a service Put simply, by offering IT as a utility rather than a product, the cloud can offer cost effectiveness, operational efficiencies and scalability that is very desirable to most businesses. Cloud has become viable for SMEs as a means of supplying services both externally and in-house. They now need to know what they should be expecting from cloud providers and what they should be implementing in their own private cloud environments. Related Posts:Cloud based invoice processing system reduces costs,[…]

In the current economic climate it’s not hard to see why people are constantly looking for ways to help decrease the costs of running a business – and in many cases they find that one of the highest costs in any business is running the telephone system. Although many people take a telephone system to be a necessary cost to business, it doesn’t have to be this way and there are, in fact, many ways that you can keep your costs down by simply switching your plan, or choosing a telephone system which is more efficient for your needs. Related Posts:No Related Posts