The rise of smartphones has fueled an increase in the amount of unpaid overtime worked by British workers, according to research carried out on behalf of mobile security software vendor, Good Technology. The survey of 1000 UK workers found that on average the time they spend checking emails and answering calls outside of office hours amounts to over three weeks of overtime per year.

Increasingly, workers view this practice as essential to being able to perform their jobs, with 38 percent of respondents claiming it would be impossible to do their job without mobile access to email. Just 15 percent said they carry separate work and personal devices, in indication that the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend is here to stay, with 42 percent of people using the same device for work and personal purposes.

Andy Jacques General Manager of EMEA for Good Technology, says: “This research clearly highlights just how how effective is propecia important smartphones and tablets are becoming to the UK workforce.

Employees are increasingly needed to be able to access company email wherever they are, on whatever device they choose and at any time. The challenge to IT departments is to ensure that workers can do this easily without putting company information at risk.”

Two thirds of of workers check their work emails before 7 in the morning, with the average time they first check their phone being 6:51am, and 37 percent of respondents admitting that they check emails while in bed.

Unsurprisingly, 61 percent of people say they they check emails during their journey into work, and 15 percent respond to mails on their mobile device after 10 in the evening. Even mealtimes are no longer uninterrupted by work, with 29 percent admitting that they regularly check their emails at the dinner table, and 16 percent even reply to messages during dinner.

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