A global survey of 3,800 workers in their twenties has discovered that Generation Y employees enter the workforce with an expectation that they should be able to use their own mobile devices for work purposes. This Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) attitude presents corporate IT departments with significant security and management obstacles. The survey was carried out on behalf of network security specialist, Fortinet.

One in three of those surveyed said that they would use their own device for work purposes, even if that meant ignoring company policies that ban the practice. 74 percent said that they already regularly use their own devices for work, and 55 percent believe that it is their right to do so.

Reasons for using their own devices include the ability to access social networks other personal communications activities such as SMS messaging. 35 percent said they could not last for a full day without accessing social networks and 47 percent used SMS every day.

42 percent of respondents said they believe the risk of data loss and exposure to IT threats were the main concerns with BYOD, but that does not stop them from ignoring corporate policies designed to minimise those risks. Across all 15 countries surveyed Online Casino an average 36 percent said they would ignore policies banning BYOD practices, and the figure was highest in India at 66 percent.

69 percent of participants said that they are interested in the idea of using their own applications for work purposes, rather than those authorised by the IT department.

Although the BYOD generation expects to be able to use their own devices for work, they are strongly against the idea of allowing their employers to implement security measures on their devices. 66 percent said the responsibility for managing the security of their devices rested with themselves and not their employer, compared to 22 percent who believe the opposite.

Patrice Perche, international vice president of International Sales & Support for Fortinet said: “While users want and expect to use their own devices for work, mostly for personal convenience, they do not want to hand over responsibility for security on their own devices to the organisation. Within such an environment, organisations must re-gain control of their IT infrastructure by strongly securing both inbound and outbound access to the corporate network and not just implement mobile device management.The most effective network security strategy requires granular control over users and applications, not just devices.”

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