Anoto digital pens.

Gunnebo, which specialises in bank security and cash handling, has dramatically sped up its reporting processes using a digital pen solution from Destiny Wireless, based on Anoto technology. As well as helping the company to secure a major new contract, the digital pens delivered a full return on investment in just four weeks.

Imagine the potential business impact of a jammed lock, a broken key or a time delay that stops working. Preventative maintenance programmes should make all this less likely, but many high volume cash businesses – including major banks, supermarkets, high street retailers and cash-in-transit companies – rely on the swift  attention of Gunnebo engineers.

With around fifty Gunnebo engineers each making four to five calls per day, the pressure is therefore on them to arrive promptly, resolve problems and report back to the office quickly. In the past, using a conventional paper system, engineers would complete a job sheet for each visit – and then call one of the administrators on the Gunnebo service desk to talk them through the problem, any action taken and anything else that needed to be done, such as ordering new parts. The paper job sheets would be posted back to head office by the engineers much later – often with a delay of up to a week.

Tony Wortley, Gunnebo’s Service and Logistics Manager, Secure Storage, could see the drawbacks of this situation only too clearly. Engineers were spending up to two hours a day on the phone, including waiting to get through, and were often unable to move on to the next job. There was also the risk of possible errors through misheard or wrongly interpreted information.

At the very time that Tony Wortley started to look for a more efficient answer, a potential new contract for a major high street bank was on the horizon. With the large amount of data and number of sites involved, servicing this contract the conventional way would have meant taking on eight new office staff and twenty more engineers on the road. Instead, Gunnebo opted for a digital pen solution from Destiny Wireless.

One immediate result was that Gunnebo won the new contract – not least because the new banking client also had positive experience of destiny® digital pens, in contrast to poor experiences with PDA’s in terms of connectivity and data transfer.

Ticking all the boxes

“It was immediately obvious that destiny® ticked all the boxes,” said Tony Wortley. “We could see straightaway that it would dramatically cut down the engineers’ calls and free up the service desk. We’d get full and accurate data back from the field virtually in real time using a system that would be easy to implement with almost no training. The only changes to working practices would be welcome ones.”

At the end of each visit to a customer’s site, the engineer writes out the job sheet as before but using digital pen and paper. The customer uses the same pen to add their signature. After that, the engineer simply ticks a box on the form to trigger the transmission of the electronic data from the pen via their mobile to destiny®’s secure mirrored servers. Within less blackjack online flash than a minute, destiny® software converts the handwritten form into a pdf, and transmits it on to the service desk. Here, an administrator can immediately see all the details for the customer’s job.  Armed with this instant data the administrator updates the customer’s online portal – often within just a few minutes of the completion of the engineer’s work on site.

Return on investment in just four weeks

Tony Wortley estimates that the time saved by engineers in the first month alone has more than covered the cost of the digital pens. With an additional capacity across the team of twenty to forty jobs day, their productivity has improved by 20%. The new technology has also enabled the existing group of engineers to take on the additional new banking contract without major disruption to the service provided to our other clients.

Instead of having to wait at least a week for the job sheet to be sent in (or invoice without it with the risk of later discovering a possible credit or omission), Gunnebo can now carry out complete and accurate same day invoicing for emergency service requests. As well as the obvious improvement to cash flow, the management of jobs with open, wait or despatch status is now also far more efficient.

Having successfully established the destiny® digital pen solution in the bank security and cash handling part of the business, Gunnebo have since extended the system to their entrance control activity for major customers in the construction industry, public transport and other sectors where entrance control is critical.

About destiny

destiny® is the registered trademark for Destiny Wireless Ltd, a world leader in the business market for the delivery of mobile data capture solutions. destiny® is a subsidiary of Anoto AB and a global Platinum Partner.

destiny® enables organisations with mobile workforces to get fast returns from high technology at low cost, with little or no training or change to working practices and upfront capital. The destiny® digital pen is based on Anoto Digital Pen and Paper technology and replaces paperwork delays and expensive journeys back to the office with an easy-to-use and energy efficient way of collecting accurate, reliable data from the field and transmitting it back to base in seconds.

destiny® services include digital pens; digitised forms, mobile devices and web-based tools for the efficient collection and management of data from the field, effective job push and allocation, resource management, intelligent scheduling and asset tracking. For more information please visit

About Anoto Group
Anoto Group is the company behind and world leading in the unique technology for digital pen and paper, which enables fast and reliable transmission of handwritten text into a digital format. Anoto operates through a global partner network that focuses on user-friendly solutions for efficient capture, transmission and storage of data within different business segments, e.g. healthcare, bank and finance, transport and logistics and education. The Anoto Group has around 100 employees and is headquartered in Lund (Sweden). The company also has offices in Guildford and Wetherby (UK), Boston (US) and Tokyo (Japan). The Anoto share is traded on the Small Cap list of NASDAQ OMX Stockholm under the ticker ANOT. For more information:

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