Research confirms increased data centre outsourcing over recent years.

Research carried out by data centre operator, Sentrum, has revealed increasing levels of outsourcing in the data centre market. A survey of 200+ US and UK organisations with 250 or more employees found that 78 percent of participants outsource some or all of their data centre space.

The study found that while UK data centre outsourcing levels have fluctuated over recent years, they have now returned to a peak last seen in 2009.

Franek Sodzawiczny, Chief Development Officer and Co-Founder at Sentrum, said “The UK statistics clearly show a solid understanding of the business benefits associated with outsourcing as 78% of respondents stated that they currently outsource all, or part of, their data centre space.”

The UK findings reflect that 95 percent of IT managers say that they now feel more confident about being able to make key decisions on new data centre projects, compared to four years ago. 98 per cent of consolidate texas payday loans US IT managers claim that they feel more confident about making data centre decisions now.

“The US market is hardly far behind however at 65% and whilst 35% of respondents from that country are not outsourcing any data centre space requirements at this time, 17% do have plans to do so in the future. This is very promising and shows that the outsourcing market is continuing to move in the right direction” said Sodzawiczny.

Other research findings include:

  •  72 per cent feel that confidence has improved most on deciding on space requirements
  • There is also increased decision making confidence on power requirements (65 per cent) and energy efficiencies, such as improved PUE (64 per cent)
  • 61 per cent are more confident about data centre location decision making
  • 51 per cent feel increased confidence making decsions on the tier level / resilience required for new data centres

The study, titled “Creating Data Centre Confidence”, is the sixth in this series and was carried out on behalf of Sentrum.

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