Network management software vendor, Ipswitch, has announced the latest release of its WhatsUp Log Management tool. The most significant enhancement of this version is the inclusion of out-of-the-box, pre-rolled reports designed to help businesses comply with pan-European data protection requirements, including the UK Data Protection Act.

Last year UK businesses were fined £1million by the Information Commissioner’s Office for failing to comply with the DPA. Businesses need to follow strict guidelines when they collect, store and process data, and this can often lead to confusion and inefficiency.

WhatsUp Log Management helps them to address these problems by automatically collecting and consolidating the vast array of log data that is generated by various applications that handle data pertaining to customers or staff. The tool also protects log data, monitoring in real-time to detect suspicious activity that could be a warning sign of unauthorised access attempts.

If unauthorised access does occur, the software also provides forensic analysis features to help identify what went wrong.

In the past it was an extremely time consuming and often very repetitive task to collect log file data to demonstrate data protection compliance to auditors, and WhatsUp Log Management aims to solve that problem.

Susan Read-Miller, principal product marketing manager of Ipswitch’s Network Management Division, sid “Network admins are increasingly being asked to monitor security, yet they often drown under the deluge of logs generated by the modern business so have got into a dangerous habit of ignoring them,WhatsUp Log Management can help them automate this process, thus not only protecting the business from potential breaches but saving them time and potentially hefty fines.”

More information is available from the company website.

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