Printer and copier manufacturer, Kyocera, is encouraging UK businesses to support sustainability by participating in Climate Week, which takes place from the 12th to the 18th of March this year, along with Earth Hour at 8:30pm on 31st of March. Businesses are being asked to pay extra attention to ensuring all non-essential electrical equipment is turned off for this period.

Tracey Rawling Church, Kyocera Mita UK Director of Brand and Reputation commented “The business benefits of going green reach far beyond altruistic motives. Research shows that businesses with a strong sustainability strategy also tend to perform better in shareholder returns.”

The company says it is challenging all businesses in the UK to reduce waste and become more energy efficient by implementing small changes, such as:

  • Use your software’s ‘print preview’ feature to make sure the document is absolutely right, so that you reduce wasted paper by only having to print once
  • Don’t print documents when you can just as easily read them on screen
  • Set your printers to print double-sided by default
  • Where possible, print multiple pages on the same sheet of paper
  • Only print the required pages rather than the whole document
  • Don’t print more copies than you really need
  • Use a smaller font size to reduce the number of pages printed
  • Don’t send a hard copy when a soft copy will do
  • Use your device’s power and paper saving features
  • Turn off non-essential hardware over night

Kyocera claims that it’s research has found that the average British office worker uses 6,000 sheets of paper a year and 62 percent of these are unnecessary. Furthermore, 40 percent of office workers have found confidential printouts left lying on printers in the past 12 months and 20 percent of the IT department’s time is spent supporting printers.

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