A new system based on RFID technology enables retailers to create a link between their physical stores and their online social media channels. With the LifeSynk system retailers can offer their customers branded RFID smartcards which, when swiped on a reader at the store, can automatically share their activity via social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

The solution provides businesses with a social media-based loyalty scheme by allowing customers to unlock offers and share their activities simply by swiping their card at the store. The customer’s LifeSynk card can be synched with their Facebook account so that activity is seamlessly shared with their social network as a status update whenever the card is swiped, such as “I just received 20% off a coffee at Costa”.

The system works in much the same way as any supermarket loyalty card scheme, with the added bonus of the customer’s behaviour being shared through social media, allowing their friends and family to see the benefits they receive from the brand. This could have a significant impact on word-of-mouth marketing.

Consumers retain control over their privacy via access to an administration console which allows them to control what permissions to give the LifeSynk system. They can also view all the available promotions, providing businesses with a platform to promote their campaigns.

Each terminal can be programmed with a range of different functions, giving the brand control over what happens when a consumer swipes their card. The system provides various analytics data showing locations and details of customer activity, as well as how many people updates were shared with and the click-through rate, enabling the brand to track the number of customers drawn to the venue through social media updates and word-of-mouth.

More details from: lifesynk.com

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