With World IPv6 Day fast approaching on 6th June this year, it is time for organisations to deal with the impact of IPv6 on their networks.

“The address pool for IPv4 was exhausted last year,” said Ian Kilpatrick, chairman of Wick Hill Group,  “Major Internet service providers, (ISPs), manufacturers and web companies around the world are coming together to enable IPv6 for their products and services by 6th June. With these moves, and to take advantage of the increased scalability of IPV6, organisations have to plan now to deal with the impact of IPv6 on their business infrastructure.”

Kilpatrick stressed that most organisations weren’t looking for a ‘Big Bang’ approach to IPV6, not least because of the cost and disruption.

“While infrastructure tenders going forward will need to specify IPv6 capability,” he said, “users aren’t going to abandon their working IPv4 environment, so, the short-to-medium term likely route will be integration, not migration.”

Kilpatrick was speaking as Wick Hill announced that it had been appointed UK and Ireland distributor for US vendor A10 Networks. A10 Networks, a technology leader in application networking makes high performance products that help organisations of all sizes accelerate, optimise and secure their applications.

A10 provides the AX Series, an advanced traffic manager with exceptional price/performance, which delivers a cost-effective and fast alternative to the expensive core routers that many companies believe are necessary to deal with IPv4 exhaustion.

The AX Series provides advanced technologies for IPv4 preservation, IPv4/IPv6 co-existence and full IPv6 migration. It offers a high performance IPv4/IPv6 gateway for load balancing IPv6 traffic and for high speed IPv4/IPv6 translation.

Features include dual stack support for IPv4 and IPv6 server load balancer (SLB), SLB-PT/SLB64, carrier grade NAT (CGN), large scale NAT (LSN), 6rd, DS-Lite and NAT64/DNS64. Functionality includes the ability to allow legacy IPv4 devices to keep talking to the IPv4 Internet, and enable needed communications for new IPv6 devices to the IPv4 Internet or vice versa.

Mark Edge, director sales EMEA, A10 Networks, said: “A10 Networks is at the forefront of innovation for IPv6 migration, offering the most comprehensive solutions for IPv4 preservation, IPv4-IPv6 translation and full IPv6 migration in a single platform today. Our flagship AX Series Application Delivery Controller family offers flexible possibilities for deployment. We are pleased to be the vendor of choice to support service providers, content providers and enterprises in evaluating and enabling IPv6 on their networks.”

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