UMAX Astra 4950
The Astra 4950 is an entry level flatbed scanner which offers 48 bit colour and a resolution of 1200 by 2400. The device features a 35mm film and negative scanner and comes with a selection of image editing and manipulation software. Although the device is largely designed for imaging work, it is capable of scanning directly to PDF format and should be able to handle basic document scanning with ease.

Xerox One Touch/One Touch TA
A well specified entry level flatbed scanner with a high scanning resolution of 1200 by 4800 and 48 bit colour. The standard model does not feature a transparency adapter, so if this is important to you go for the TA model which features an adapter built into the led. The device comes supplied with Scansoft’s market leading Textbridge OCR software.

BenQ Scanner 6550T
A mid range flatbed with fairly average native resolution bolstered by the ability to create a very high interpolated resolution of 19200 by 19200. Interpolation allows the scanner to increase the resolution beyond its normal capability by using complex algorithms to guess the colour of the additional dots/pixels. Other than this it is a relatively ordinary device with a built in transparency scanner and a colour depth of 48 bit.

Visioneer OneTouch 9220
A high resolution flatbed scanner which features a transparency scanner capable of scanning three 35mm slides or a strip of four film negatives all in one go. The 2400 by 4800 resolution and 48 bit colour depth should provide more than enough flexibility for most users imaging requirements. Visioneer’s One Touch system allows a document to be scanned and sent to the desired location with a single button press.

BenQ Scanner 7550T
A stylish looking flatbed no doubt designed by somebody with a penchant for iMacs. The 7550T uses what BenQ calls Auto Recognition Transparency to detect the format of slides and film transparencies and automatically use the optimal configuration for that format. Although a little more costly than the 6550T, this model offers a higher native resolution of 2400 by 4800. The device ships with an impressive software bundle, although its looks alone will be enough to snare many buyers.

UMAX Astra 6700
A meat and potatoes flatbed scanner from UMAX. Although the specification is perfectly acceptable, there are no special features or unique selling points that make this scanner stand out from the crowd. A transparency adapter is offered as an optional extra, and the machine ships with both Windows and Macintosh drivers. While there are no real failings here, there are cheaper offerings available which offer similar specifications to this model.

Visioneer OneTouch 9320
The 9320 is Vsioneer’s newest addition to its flatbed range. The device offers an impressively high resolution of 3200 by 6400 and comes with a transparency and negative adapter built into the lid. Using the OneTouch software the devices five customisable buttons can be programmed to automatically scan and save documents to preset locations with a single button press.

Microtek Scanmaker 5950
The Scanmaker 5950 offers a good entry level all-round solution, combining a flatbed scanner with a 50 sheet document feeder. The device has a maximum scanning speed of 5ppm and there is sadly no duplex capability, but for this price the machine provides a useful low-end workgroup scanner that can be used for imaging and basic document management purposes.

Hewlett-Packard Scanjet 5590
HP’s entry level workgroup all rounder offers a 50 sheet document feeder and up to 8ppm scanning speed. A key benefit of this model is that it provides duplex scanning capability, making it a more viable proposition for document archiving than cheaper devices which only offer single sided scanning. If you are unlikely to do much in the way of graphics and image scanning it may be worth considering a sheet feed scanner which will offer far better speeds within the same price bracket.

Visioneer OneTouch 9450
The OneTouch 9450 has a 25 sheet feeder and scans at speeds of 8ppm. It does not offer duplex capability. The machine seems expensive for its relatively low specification, the Scanjet 5590 offers the same sort of performance at a lower price and other machines offer better performance for approximately the same outlay. There is little to recommend this machine over its competitors.

Xerox Documate 510
Another hybrid flatbed/sheet feeder device. The Documate 510 offers no duplex capability and while its 10ppm speed is faster than other devices of this type, it cannot really compete on a level footing with dedicated sheet fed document scanners in the same price range. The 42 bit colour depth is likely to be good enough for most purposes, but many other devices in this segment offer superior 48 bit depth which puts the Documate 510 at a slight disadvantage.

Hewlett Packard Scanjet 8200GP
The 8200GP is pitched as a professional quality photo scanner, hence its high 4800dpi resolution and 48 bit colour depth. The device features a 50 sheet document feeder and although HP have not supplied a ppm speed for this device, it is unlikely to be particularly high since this device was intended for imaging rather than document scanning. If you are a graphics or design professional this model may well suit you but it is not well geared towards business document scanning purposes.

Fujitsu Scanpartner FI4010
A combination flatbed/sheet fed device from Fujitsu offering up to 10ppm from a 30 sheet document feeder. It is hard to see quite how Fujitsu can justify the price tag since the machine offers no features to set it apart from other less costly devices in this segment.

Visioneer OneTouch 9750
The 9750 offers 20ppm simplex scanning and comes with a 50 page document feeder as standard. While the performance cannot match a dedicated document scanner, for users who need a combination flatbed/sheet fed device the 9750 offers a reasonable compromise between the two classes of device.

Xerox Documate 520
This model offers 20ppm simplex scanning and comes with a 50 sheet document feeder. It is essentially the same device as the Visioneer OneTouch 9750 – both machines are manufactured by Visioneer. The company sells Xerox badged scanners (such as this one) under licence and in certain cases the Xerox model is simply an identical but re-branded version of a Visioneer scanner.

Avision AV610
The AV610 is a combination sheetfed/flatbed device that can scan paper sizes up to A3. The machine features a 25 sheet document feeder and can manage speeds of up to 17 ppm. Although the scanner seems to be targeted at imaging professionals, the resolution is not particularly high at just 1200 by 600. While this is acceptable for most document scanning purposes, graphics oriented users may prefer a higher resolution model.

Hewlett Packard Scanjet 8250
The 8250 offers very high resolution 4800dpi scanning and is also capable of performing duplex scans. It comes with a USB 2 connection as standard but SCSI is available as an optional extra. A good all round solution which has the added benefit of coming with an impressive collection of software applications

Epson GT-15000
A large format A3 flatbed scanner. A 100 sheet document feeder is available as an optional extra, when fitted this allows the device to scan at speeds of up to 16ppm. A USB connection is supplied as standard but SCSI, FireWire and Ethernet network adapters are all available as options. The device can automatically detect document sizes and configure the most appropriate settings.

Hewlett Packard Scanjet 8290
The Scanjet 8290 offers a high resolution of 4800dpi with 48 bit colour. The standard 50 sheet document feeder allows the machine to plough through documents at 25ppm and also offers duplex capability. In addition to this the scanner features built in film and transparency scanning features. Both USB 2.0 and SCSI interfaces are provided as standard, and the machine comes supplied with an impressive selection of software packages.

Fujitsu FI-4220C
Offering a 50 sheet document feeder, duplex scanning and speeds of up to 25ppm the FI-4220C is a high quality all rounder. The only weak point is its 24 bit colour depth, which compares badly to the 48 bit depth offered by its closes competitor, HP’s Scanjet 8290. It comes with both USB and SCSI interfaces and both TWAIN and ISIS drivers, the latter being more important to corporate users.

Fujitsu Scanpartner 620C
This SCSI only device comes supplied with a SCSI PCI card allowing it to be connected to PCs that do not have an inbuilt SCSI interface. It provides 20ppm scanning speeds and offers a fairly run of the mill resolution of 600dpi with 24 bit colour depth. Not really an impressive specification, but Fujitsu is a trusted brand name in the scanning field and models such as this will appeal to business users who want a no-frills scanner they can rely on.

Kodak I80
Kodak’s I80 is a SCSI only model that offers duplex scanning and a 75 sheet document feeder as standard. The machine delivers a maximum scanning speed of 35ppm and provides 600dpi resolution with 24 bit colour depth. As with most Kodak scanners the machine is supplied with a useful selection of software tools from Kodak and third party developers.

Avision @V5000
An A3 capable combined flatbed and sheet fed scanner, the @V5000 provides 21ppm simplex scanning and features an Ethernet adapter as standard, allowing it to be connected to the network and used as a copier, fax and document emailer. The resolution is 600by 600dpi and colour depth is 48 bit.

Fujitsu FI-4640S
A high end departmental scanner offering up to 45ppm scanning from a 100 sheet document feeder. The device is SCSI only, and can scan paper sizes of up to A3. While the resolution and colour depth are not as high as other models, this device is unlikely to be used for anything other than business document scanning so this should not presnt users with any problems.

Canon DR7080C
Canon’s DR7080C is a departmental scanner which delivers speeds of up to 70ppm regardless of whether it is scanning monochrome or colour documents. It features a 100 sheet document feeder and comes with both USB 2.0 and SCSI connections. The resolution of 600dpi and 24 bit colour depth are consistent with what we would expect from this class of device.

Panasonic KVS7065
Featuring a 200 sheet document feeder and scanning speeds of 60ppm in both colour and mono modes the KVS7065 is a heavyweight departmental scanner. It offers both USB 2.0 and SCSI interfaces and features ultrasonic multi-feed detection to prevent multiple documents being passed through the feeder and causing jams.

Fujitsu FI-5750C
This A3 capable model features a 200 page document feeder and is capable of scanning at up to 55ppm. Like others in the segment it comes fitted with both SCSI and USB 2.0 connecters, providing plenty of flexibility in terms of what kind of PC it can be connected to. The document feeder is ergonomically designed and can be configured for comfortable operation by left or right handed users.

Kodak I280
The I280 is something of an oddity, being a sheet fed scanner which features a detachable flatbed module. It is designed to accept a wide range of document types, such as continuous printouts of up to 20 feet in length. It is the only scanner here that uses a FireWire as its primary interface. The machine has a 100 page document feeder and can scan at up to 81ppm.

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