On-demand IT provider, Star, today announced itself as the founding member of the UK Cloud Alliance, a new organisation which aims to make it easier for businesses to adopt cloud computing infrastructure. The alliance is currently made up of 15 founding members, comprising various enterprise IT and communications suppliers. The stated objective of the organisation is to offer mid-sized UK businesses a menu of technology services that can be delivered by Star’s own private cloud platform and supported by a choice of local specialists. Private cloud infrastructure offers the flexibility associated with cloud computing along with the security benefits of owning the entire hardware platform instead of relying on systems owned by (often unknown) third parties. Related Posts:Cloud Computing for[…]

MobileWorxs has announced the UK availability of the MobileDemand xTablet C1200, a rugged, high specification convertible tablet PC. The device is designed for demanding in-field applications such as emergency services, agriculture, delivery and other situations where durable mobile computing is required. The xTablet can be transformed from a traditional laptop form factor, with a full sized keyboard, to a tablet PC, and features a large carrying handle, making it easier for workers to carry whilst on the move. Related Posts:Panasonic upgrades Toughbook CF-C1 mk2

The latest version of Skype for Android smartphones includes a new video-calling feature. Using either a WiFi or 3G internet connection, Skype for Android 2.0 provides free one-to-one video calls to your Skype contacts on most other devices, including Windows/Mac computers, iPhones and even Skype enabled TVs. Although the service itself is free, the overall cost depends on your phones data-plan if you’re using a 3G connection, but there should be no charges for using the service over a WiFi connection. This new version of Skype for Android also comes with a completely redesigned interface, aimed at improving its ease of use. Related Posts:Five business tech trends for 201337 percent of UK workers reply to business emails in bedNew Version[…]