Capra Technology has announced a new web based application, Tolcap, that helps manufacturers assess the material tolerance capabilities of their products early in the design process. Capra claims that can reduce the cost of product failures by as much as 75 percent, as well as improving the quality of products.

Tolerance analysis allows businesses to understand how precisely the components of their products need to be manufactured. Depending on the applications and materials being used, different levels of variance are acceptable in a manufacturing process before the quality of the finished product is effected. Understanding these tolerances early in the product design process can help reduce development costs and avoid manufacturing problems.

Tolcap can be used for all areas of engineering and supports six-sigma design, facilitating tolerance stack analysis. The application can predict the severity of product failure based on different design choices, and helps designers to specify acceptable variances in materials supplied from both external and internal sources. Its algorithms are based on industry best practices from various sources such as international standards, engineering texts and the results of experimental studies.

Tolcap is offering a free trial of the system at: The cost of a two-user licence is £245, and free academic licences are also available.

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