Atempo Live Navigator protects digital assets from data-loss

Atempo has announced the release of Atempo Live Navigator, an application designed to provide a high level of protection and reliability for an organisation’s digital assets, regardless of whether they are stored on a file server or end user’s desktop/laptop PCs. This includes devices in remote and branch offices.

The application provides near-continuous data protection, which means that it creates backups of all data at very frequent intervals so that if a file is damaged at any point, the system can immediately revert to the most recent backup. In this way, there’s only ever a risk of a very small amount of data being lost, if any at all, and the system can recover from the fault almost seamlessly.

End users can also be given the option to recover file backups themselves without needing to get help from the IT department, thereby reducing calls to the help-desk.

Live Navigator integrates with Atempo Time Navigator to offer centralised management of enterprise data protection across all devices and mission-critical applications on platforms such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and Novell as well as virtualised environments. This integration also enables disk-to-disk-to-tape backup for disaster recovery and vaulting purposes.

Richard Heitmann, vice president of marketing at Atempo, said “In an increasingly mobile working environment, a growing quantity of valuable business data is being created and accessed at the edge of the enterprise on endpoint devices. Atempo Live Navigator encompasses both server and data protection of endpoint devices to centralise data management, maintain business continuity and reduce the cost and complexities associated with complete protection and recovery of all data irrespective of location.”

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