On-demand IT provider, Star, today announced itself as the founding member of the UK Cloud Alliance, a new organisation which aims to make it easier for businesses to adopt cloud computing infrastructure. The alliance is currently made up of 15 founding members, comprising various enterprise IT and communications suppliers.

The stated objective of the organisation is to offer mid-sized UK businesses a menu of technology services that can be delivered by Star’s own private cloud platform and supported by a choice of local specialists. Private cloud infrastructure offers the flexibility associated with cloud computing along with the security benefits of owning the entire hardware platform instead of relying on systems owned by (often unknown) third parties.

Members of the UK Cloud Alliance are required to follow a code of conduct that the organisation claims will guarantee customers’ best interests by providing transparency and a set of guiding principles.

Star defines its own role in the organisation as finding, vetting and recommending the best UK based service providers. The alliance is intended to help businesses shortlist potential suppliers by reassuring them that any claims made by member organisations will have been reviewed by other members.

Ricky Hudson, CEO of Star said, “Beneath all the hype, cloud computing is very much in demand by a significant and growing proportion of medium sized UK businesses. This is about serving up UK technology to UK businesses because they like being served by local organizations that they can get to know, grow with and trust.

Further information is available at: www.ukcloudalliance.co.uk

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