According to research carried out by online marketing software vendor, EPiServer, 69 percent of UK businesses intend to recruit a social media or community manager within the next 12 months. As many consumers have embraced social media as their preferred channel for communicating with companies, there’s increasing demand for marketing professionals with the skills to manage these channels for businesses. The survey found that 73 percent of businesses are either currently managing some kind of online community, or plan to do so within a year. Businesses say that the three biggest challenges they face in social media are: Related Posts:SEO tips for small business [INFOGRAPHIC]Why UK businesses need a Google Places listing [INFOGRAPHIC]Twenty percent of tech firms reject applicants due[…]

A survey carried out by Compuware has revealed that UK businesses risk losing revenue if their websites fail to load quickly enough on consumer’s smartphones. With a growing number of people using smartphones as their primary method of connecting to the internet, it’s increasingly important that businesses ensure their websites deliver a satisfying experience on mobile devices. 46 percent of people said they would be unlikely to return to a website if they had trouble accessing it on the first attempt and 29 percent said they would visit a competitor’s site instead. Mobile users increasingly expect the web experience on their smartphone to be comparable with that of a broadband connected PC, and have little patience for sites which load[…]

According to research from Compass Management Consulting, businesses are paying up to 40% more than necessary for IT services due to a range of factors such as unnecessary customisation, redundant capacity, unconstrained consumption and inflexible contracts. According to the report, organisations have been successful in realising IT cost reductions of 8-15% on average, but by adopting standardised IT services they could achieve savings of up to 40%. Although the prices of hardware, software and services have fallen considerably in recent years, business spending on IT has continued to rise. The study claims this is due to the cost of over-configuration, under-utilisation and poor supply and demand balance. Related Posts:New Review Highlights Time and Cost Savings By Simplifying IT Security OperationsHalf[…]

A new online service from fleet management specialist, Run Your Cars, claims to help small businesses simplify the running of their vehicle fleets and lower their operating costs by £300 per car per year. Businesses can subscribe to the service for a monthly fee and gain access to an online fleet management system and risk management, RAC breakdown cover and accident management, negotiated rates on for hire-cars and discounted servicing costs at 6,000 main dealer and independent garages. Related Posts:No Related Posts

CommVault has announced the launch of its Modern Data Management software bundle which provides a range of features to help MS Exchange users address all of their data management issues with one tool. Aimed at small to mid-sized businesses, the bundle handles a number of important tasks including archiving, backup and recovery, data reduction, policy management, and global reporting. Modern Data Management enables businesses to handle all of these tasks through a single interface, reducing the cost and complexity of protecting their email infrastructure. Related Posts:Spam email causes IT security breaches in 40% of UK businesses [Infographic]New unified data protection software from Atempo protects businesses digital assets

Capra Technology has announced a new web based application, Tolcap, that helps manufacturers assess the material tolerance capabilities of their products early in the design process. Capra claims that can reduce the cost of product failures by as much as 75 percent, as well as improving the quality of products. Tolerance analysis allows businesses to understand how precisely the components of their products need to be manufactured. Depending on the applications and materials being used, different levels of variance are acceptable in a manufacturing process before the quality of the finished product is effected. Understanding these tolerances early in the product design process can help reduce development costs and avoid manufacturing problems. Related Posts:No Related Posts

 An extra £1million of investment is being offered to digital businesses in East London as part of a government backed initiative to encourage greater collaboration between businesses in the area. The funding is being made available by the Technology Strategy Board, a government run agency which aims to increase economic growth by supporting technology development in UK businesses. The move has doubled the funding which was already being made available through the agency’s Tech City Launchpad initiative, which offered grants of £100,000 to innovative and creative businesses in the region. When the initiative launched in April this year it received 200 applicants. This funding will enable 20 of those applicants to develop their ideas further. Related Posts:Half of small business[…]

Atempo has announced the release of Atempo Live Navigator, an application designed to provide a high level of protection and reliability for an organisation’s digital assets, regardless of whether they are stored on a file server or end user’s desktop/laptop PCs. This includes devices in remote and branch offices. The application provides near-continuous data protection, which means that it creates backups of all data at very frequent intervals so that if a file is damaged at any point, the system can immediately revert to the most recent backup. In this way, there’s only ever a risk of a very small amount of data being lost, if any at all, and the system can recover from the fault almost seamlessly. Related[…]

UK businesses risk losing up to £37 billion in revenues due to websites failing at peak trading periods, according to research from enterprise technology firm Micro Focus and the Centre for Economic and Business Research. The report also found that the £320 billion UK e-commerce industry already loses almost £100 million per year dues to website outages. The industry is growing at 20 percent per year, and this growth is expected to accelerate due to the growing number of consumers accessing online services from smartphones. Related Posts:Tesco significantly reduces application release time with NolioNew reporting and analytics tool for online retailersosCommerce reviewActinic reviewPayPal review

ComBTAS, a provider of software that helps organisations to manage the costs of business travel, has announced the availability of its products in the UK. The company claims that businesses spend, on average, seven percent of their yearly budgets on business travel, and that its technology can reduce travel costs by an average of 23 percent. ComBTAS’ software helps lower the costs of business travel by providing deep market intelligence on the full spectrum of business travel activities, including flights, rail travel, car rental, and accommodation. Using this intelligence the software is able to calculate the best value arrangement, taking into account factors such as the time-costs associated with senior executives, and policies on carbon emissions. Related Posts:No Related Posts