Like McAfee, Norton is a long standing anti-virus brand name which is now owned by a larger company – in this case, Symantec. The company sells corporate solutions under its own name, but uses the Norton brand for its consumer and small business offerings. Internet Security Professional 2004 is a comprehensive collection of security tools designed to run on the desktop. It offers no centralized management features such as those found in Sophos and McAfee, which means that it’s better suited to very small businesses with a maximum of around 20 PCs.

The package includes Antivirus Professional, Personal Firewall, Privacy Control, AntiSpam and Productivity Control. All of these are fairly self explanatory, except perhaps the latter. You can install Productivity Control onto your employee’s machines to restrict which web sites they can visit, and control which programs are allowed to access the internet in order to prevent the use of undesirable software such as file sharing or instant messaging programs.

The software is compatible with Windows 98 or higher and you will also need to have Internet Explorer 5.01(sp2) or above, so if you’re using an older or non-Microsoft browser you will not be able to install the package. It is a great all in one security solution for single users or small work groups, providing pretty much everything you need to protect your PCs. The lack of any kind of centralised management system is unfortunate but other than this it’s hard to find fault with the package.
Price £49.99 (single user, ex. VAT)

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