When selecting a data projector it is important to understand the different features and specifications in order to ensure that choose the model most appropriate to your requirements. Armed with a thorough understanding of the different options on offer you will be able to make sense of the complicated specification lists and choose the right device. Related Posts:Data projector reviewsNew Dell projector

Print Speed Quoted in pages per minute (ppm) the print speed is the theoretical maximum throughput that the printer is capable of. In reality, most jobs sent to the printer won’t achieve that speed, since the printer often needs time to warm up and different types of documents may take longer to process before they can be printed. If, for example, you sent 50 copies of the same simple text document to the printer then it would probably achieve its top speed. But sending numerous jobs of different size and complexity (as is more often the case) will result in a noticeably slower throughput speed. Related Posts:The case for colour printers in businessColour inkjets versus colour laser printersHigh-volume options from[…]

Most small businesses assume that unless they want to use Apple computers, they have little choice but to use Microsoft Windows as their desktop operating system. In most cases, Windows is indeed the best option simply because almost everybody knows how to use it, and it runs pretty much every software application you could need. However, not everybody is happy with Windows and amongst those seeking an alternative Linux is the clear favourite. In a recent report entitled ‘Migrating to Linux on the Desktop – A practical IT management view’ analyst firm Quocirca (www.quocirca.com) interviewed 1700 IT professionals on the subject. Their report cites several key reasons that organisations are considering turning away from Windows. Unsurprisingly, poor security and the[…]

While there are few commercial products competing with Actinic, one product comes close to rivalling its support network. osCommerce (www.oscommerce.com) is a an ‘open source’ ecommerce package which is available to anybody who wants it at absolutely no cost. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of free open source software, do not worry – there is no catch, the software is developed by a large team of skilled volunteers who collaborate over the web to produce high quality software that often rivals commercial products in terms of features and quality. Thousands of ecommerce sites around the world are based on osCommerce, to get an idea of what the software can do, take a look at www.jsp.co.uk or www.beautifulmood.com, two[…]

These kinds of products provide the tools you need to create an online shop without having to do any programming. In the UK and much of Europe the pre-packaged ecommerce software market is overwhelmingly dominated by a Surrey based company called Actinic. The company’s shop building software is a favourite with small business users who want to set up their own web sites and professional web developers who create sites for multiple clients. Although no independent figures are available for the ecommerce software sector, Actinic claims 56 per cent of the UK market and, as Chris Barling, the company’s chief executive officer puts it, “We are seven times bigger than anybody else in the market, so we do not have[…]

PayPal (www.paypal.co.uk) is a well established online payment gateway owned by eBay (www.ebay.co.uk). The service was originally designed to allow individuals to securely transfer cash online between each other, but has grown into a professional payment system favoured by smaller businesses which do not have the facility to accept credit card payments directly. PayPal Merchant Tools allow companies to accept credit card payments through their existing websites. The system works quite simply, once users have set up a free business account with the site they only have to insert a few lines of HTML code into their existing web pages to start selling online. For example, if your company has a simple web page containing details of your top product[…]

Whether your organisation sells direct to the public or offers goods to other businesses, a well implemented online store can have a dramatic effect on your company. The most obvious benefit is that by selling online you can reach a much wider audience and with careful marketing a website can result in significant sales increases. In addition to this many of your existing customers may find it easier to place their orders online, helping to streamline your sales processes. The simple fact is that the British public is becoming increasingly comfortable with online shopping and the widespread adoption of home broadband connections means that people are spending more time and money online than ever before. According to recent figures from[…]

Mono was once the master of the office, but new colour printers at competitive prices means that there is a surge in colour usage in the business world. The past two years have seen a massive surge in the availability of low cost entry-level colour laser printers and prices across the entire spectrum of colour lasers have dropped significantly. As a result an increasing number of business have invested in the machines. Low-end devices can now be purchased for as little as £200, while more powerful models provide the kind of capabilities that in the past would only be available at professional print shops. As ever, the acquisition cost of the devices paints only half of the picture. Ironically, one[…]

With the acquisition cost of inkjet printers standing at an all time low, it is easy to understand why many organisations are tempted to ignore their high running costs. For under £100, or even £50, you can start outputting high quality colour pages instantly, but there are several important differences between the two technologies that should be considered. Colour inkjets have a couple of key advantages, they are very cheap to acquire, technically easy to maintain (most inkjet cartridges are user replaceable, and there are no other consumables to worry about) and their print quality is unrivalled. If you need to print glossy, photographic images, a colour inkjet combined with good quality inkjet or photographic paper is really your only[…]

How would your business cope if you lost all of your PCs for a couple of days, or perhaps even a week? For most companies this would be nothing short of a disaster and for many organizations a less severe IT failure could have an equally catastrophic impact on the business. If you’re unlucky enough to lose a few critical systems, the damage can be just as bad as if your entire IT infrastructure had gone down. The bad news is that all over the world there are teams of clever, determined people who would like nothing better than to see your computer systems come grinding to a halt. Computer viruses are becoming more sophisticated and dangerous than ever before,[…]