The biggest challenge for the Open Office team is making people aware of their software, and aside from the efforts of marketing volunteers like McReesh the best way to get the message out is by word of mouth. “Everybody who’s downloaded and used the software, and there are tens of millions around the world now, is potentially an ambassador for the product. They know it works, they know it is good, they know they can read Microsoft files, they know they can create PDF documents and all sorts of stuff. They also know that because it is open source they can take their CD and pass it to friends, and small businesses can give it to people that work for[…]

Take a look at the software installed on any business PC throughout the UK and the chances are that in the vast majority of cases you’ll see a fairly similar picture. Without a doubt most people will be using Microsoft’s Windows operating system along with the software giant’s Office applications suite. Add in other market leading packages such as Goldmine, Adobe Acrobat or any number of others and it is easy to see how the cost of equipping just one employee with the software they need can quickly mount up to staggering levels. It is quite understandable that few people pause to consider this state of affairs. In a fast moving business environment everybody wants their computer systems to “just[…]