Sony has significantly expanded its range of notebook computers with a raft of new Vaio models launched this month. Pitched specifically at the professional market the B1 series comes with a range of features designed for business users, such as removable hard drives, ergonomically designed keyboards and a display which automatically adjusts its resolution when connected to an external device such as a projector. The B1 series ships with Windows XP professional pre-installed.

The new S2 series is designed as a crossover machine for those who are likely to use their laptop for work and personal use. The machines feature 13.3 inch wide-screen format displays with high end ATI Radeon 3D graphics chips and built in DVD-RW drives capable of reading and writing all of the current DVD formats. Both the B1 and S2 range of machines are extremely light, weighing in at 2.3kg and 1.9kg respectively. However, the lightest of Sony’s new additions is the ultra-portable T1 model which weighs a mere 1.4kg which delivers a claimed battery life of up to 7 hours.

For users who want more power and features but are not worried about extra weight the A200 series provides 17 inch wide-screen displays, cutting edge graphics processors and high end base specifications. The machines weigh considerably more than the other new laptops at just under 4kg, but deliver far higher specifications.

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