The latest PDA from Dell offers a top of the range specification certain to make gadget fans’ eyes light up with glee. The Axim X50v features an Intel Xscale processor running at a speed of 624Mhz (faster than many people’s desktop PCs) 128Mb of flash memory, and another 64Mb of volatile memory. A big 3.7inch screen with 640 by 480 resolution is coupled with Intel’s new 2700G multimedia accelerator, which means that the device delivers impressive 3D and video graphics. Admittedly there is not much of a business case for giving a PDA advanced 3D graphics capabilities, but we doubt that too many people will complain. The machine is also the first on the market to use the new Windows Media Player 10 for Mobile, giving it the latest in audio and video capabilities.

Both WiFi and Bluetooth wireless technologies are included, allowing the machine to connect to the Internet via a wireless LAN or through a Bluetooth compatible GPRS mobile phone. The VGA resolution screen means that most web pages can be viewed without having to be heavily reformatted for a smaller screen. An optional video out cable is available which allows the device to be connected to a projector or other display device for presentations.

The X50v will be available from November 9th onwards and is priced at #289 (ex. VAT) There range includes a selection of cheaper models featuring smaller screens, lower graphics capabilities and less memory.

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