According to research commissioned by Pointsec Mobile Technologies the easiest way to gain access to confidential business information is through an insufficiently protected handheld computer. Two thirds of PDAs are used to store client details and corporate information without adequate protection. Employee apathy and sloppy habits are blamed for putting corporate confidentiality at risk. The survey found that a third of users do not password protect their devices and two thirds of all users do not use any kind of encryption to protect confidential data on their PDAs. Users also store sensitive personal information such as PIN numbers and bank account details and lists of passwords on their unprotected.

The survey reports that over 50 per cent of companies now have a specific mobile security policy compared to just 27 per cent in the previous year. Half of the companies polled said they do not inform the police when a PDA is lost as they believe nothing can be done about the situation, similarly around 50% of companies informed their insurance companies about the loss.

Magnus Aldberg, managing director of Pointsec said “Clearly companies are underestimating or are totally unaware of the amount of valuable information which is being stored on personal and business mobile devices. Our advice is that companies should ensure that they have a mobile security policy and that all data is protected by centrally managed encryption and password protection”.

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