There is an increasing demand in businesses for higher volume devices, the number of documents produced in organisations is increasing at a mammoth rate, driven largely by ever increasing email usage. More and more electronic documents are being distributed, and these are in turn being printed, copied and faxed. The net result of this is that the humble workgroup MFP is being expected to cope with an ever growing workload, and manufacturers are ramping up the speed and duty cycle capacity of the devices they offer in this segment. Increased speed, it seems, will be one of the main elements manufacturers will use to add value to their devices over the coming year. The availability of affordable high volume, colour[…]

And if the internal IT department is providing support (either in addition to or instead of the dealer) for the device, their lives are going to be made a lot easier by only having a single system to get to grips with. Power consumption is also reduced, simply by lowering the number of devices connected to the mains. Perhaps one of the most important benefits of MFPs is their ability to provide quite substantial space savings. If, for the sake of simplicity, a single MFP was being used to replace one copier, one printer and one fax machine, the space saving would be considerable especially since modern MFPs have far smaller footprints than older machines. However, the likelihood is that[…]

Multi-function printers have already caused significant disruption in the workgroup copy and print space, and now they look set to shake up high volume applications. Analyst firm IDC reports that year on year growth in the third quarter of 2004 was 45 per cent for all laser MFP segments. Despite this impressive growth, MFPs are still outsold by single function monochrome laser printers by more than three to one, although IDC states that printer sales are in decline. The UK laser MFP market is expected to grow at an annual compound growth rate of 13.6 per cent between now and 2008, resulting in a market size of over 226,000 shipments. The business manager for mono products at Xerox said “We[…]