Olivetti D-copia
At under £6,000 the D- Copia is by far and away the cheapest model featured here. However, with 50ppm copy/print speed and a good selection of finishing options, the machine should provide a more than capable device for a mid size workgroup.

Xerox CopyCentre C165
A 65ppm copier from Xerox, capable of handling paper sizes up to A3 format, although no performance data for that size was provided. As you would expect from Xerox, a wide range of finishing options are available and the device shares a common user interface with other machines in the range.

Imagistics IM5530
With a monthly duty cycle of 400,000 pages this machine offers a good option for the small office with a high document output. 55ppm is certainly towards the lower end of the scale in this company, although the 34ppm A3 capability is quite respectable for those who regularly need to produce larger format documents.

Panasonic Workio DP6030
A fairly run of the mill device based on a low end GDI engine. More professional interfaces are avaliable as optional extras, but they add a considerable sum to the overall price. Plenty of network options are available including Mac OS-X compatability which should please Apple aficionados.

Xerox WorkCentre M165 – Best Buy
Similar to the CopyCentre C165, the WorkCentre model comes with full MFP functionality as standard, so you don’t need to pay extra for the additional printing options. A good all round device at a manageable price makes this machine a clear winner for small businesses.

WorkCentre Pro 165
A variant of the M165 with a beefed up specification. Double the printer and copier memory along with PS3 emulation and additional scanning options provide higher all round functionality.

Imagistics IM6530
A rebadged Sharp machine with an exceptionally high monthly duty cycle for this segment. An optional Fiery controller is available users who require a more professional degree of control over their document production.

Develop D5550D
A rebadged Konica Minolta device which features support for a wide range of network protocols and print drivers. Copy resolution is somewhat low compared to most of the other devices in this segment and the 366Mhz processor is also a little slower than its rivals.

Konica Minolta DI5510
A 55ppm device which delivers A3 copies at 32ppm. Duplex capability comes as standard and the device can perform this at the full 55ppm. The copier memory can be expanded from the base 64Mb to a maximum of 576Mb which is quite impressive compared to some of the other machines.

Infotec IS2151
Rebadged version of the Ricoh Aficio 2051

Ricoh Aficio 2051
Manufactured by Ricoh, the IS2151 provides 51ppm performance and a good all round specification. The 128Mb of standard memory is generous, this can be expanded to a maximum of 384Mb. Also, the 40Gb hard drive is far superior to the 10Gb device offered by many other manufacturers.

Lanier LD151
Rebadged version of the Ricoh Aficio 2051

Gestetner DSM651
Rebadged version of the Ricoh Aficio 2051
Nashuatec DSM651
Rebadged version of the Ricoh Aficio 2051

Rex Rotary DSM 651
Rebadged version of the Ricoh Aficio 2051

Infotec IS2160
Rebadged version of the Ricoh Aficio 2060

Ricoh Aficio 2060
Offering a good base specification the Aficio 2060 provides a generous amount of print and copy memory with a large 40Gb hard drive fitted as standard. If you want the device to act as a printer in addition to a copier and scanner you’ll need to by the optional printer module which takes the base price to over £20,000. This model is also sold as a rebadged device by various other vendors.

Lanier LD160
Rebadged Version of the Ricoh Aficio 2060

Gestetner DSM660
Rebadged Version of the Ricoh Aficio 2060

Nashuatec DSM660
Rebadged Version of the Ricoh Aficio 2060

Rex Rotary DSM660
Rebadged Version of the Ricoh Aficio 2060

Xerox CopyCentre C175
The entry level device in Xerox’s 175 series carries the ‘CopyCentre’ name because although it offers MFD capabilities such as printing and faxing, these are supplied as optional extras and the base model functions only as a photocopier. At 75ppm with a wide range of finishing options it’s a good starting point for a converged document solution, and the print feature can be added when users feel ready to move their print workload away from their conventional laser printers.

Xerox WorkCentre M175
The same basic machine as the CopyCentre, but with the printer capability fitted as standard. Faxing is still offered as an optional extra, and this model does not feature any scanning capability.

Xerox WorkCentre Pro 175
The top mode in the 175 series. Offers everything that the M175 does with additional scan to file capability. Scan to email or Internet features are available as extras.

Imagistics IM8130
The IM8130 offers a whopping monthly work volume of half a million pages, making it the ideal solution for those who need to produce a very high volume of documents in house. It comes with print and scan capability as standard and a wide variety of finishing options are available, making it a great all rounder for situations where a high work rate is planned.

Develop D7250ID
Rebadged version of the Konica Minolta DI7210

Konica Minota DI7210
Provides high volume copying along with built in scanning features as standard. Printing, however, comes as an optional extra. The standard memory allocation is reasonable, although the 10Gb hard drive is a bit stingy when you consider that other manufacturers supply 40Gb as standard.

Ricoh Aficio 2075
A high speed 75ppm device from Ricoh with the respectable base specification level we would expect. Athough this device is an MFP, businesses wishing to use it as a printer as well as copier will need to buy the printing option.

Lanier LD175
Rebadged version of the Ricoh Aficio 2075, although comes without the Ricoh’s standard scanning capability.

Gestetner DSM675
Rebadged version of the Ricoh Aficio 2075

Nashuatec DSM675
Rebadged version of the Ricoh Aficio 2075

Rex Rotary DSM675
Rebadged version of the Ricoh Aficio 2075

HP LaserJet 9085
A high speed, high volume device from new player in this sector HP. Comes with a high all round specification as standard although the price does seem somewhat higher than others in this segment. Nevertheless, the HP brand name is trusted and the company has a reputation for building bulletproof machines – this alone will justify the price for many buyers.

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