At a press conference attended by hundreds of international journalists Siemens Mobile last month unveiled the first mobile phone to feature full support for Research in Motion’s BlackBerry push-email client. This means that the Siemens SK65 is currently the only mobile phone on the market that can provide you with instant access to your email as soon as it arrives in your mailbox. The phone’s second killer feature is a twist out keyboard, the back of the device rotates through 90 degrees to reveal a small qwerty keyboard which should allow for much faster text input than can be achieved on an ordinary mobile phone’s number pad. The device includes a range of other business-focused features, although Siemens chose to[…]

The National Hi-Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) and the Association for Payment Clearance Services (APACS) have taken the unusual step this month of releasing a joint warning about new security threats to online banking users. The organisations have outlined a new scam which begins with people being emailed a notification that their credit card is to be billed for a fictitious transaction, complete with a link to a website where the customer can view the transaction in greater detail. Should the victim visit this website using a PC that is not properly secured the site will attempt to infect the machine with a Trojan horse type virus which both provides the criminal with remote access to the computer and installs a[…]

PC manufacturer Dell has introduced a new line of eighth generation multi-processor PowerEdge servers based on Intel’s latest Xeon processors. The new processors feature what Intel calls Extended Memory 64-bit Technology (EM64T) and offer improved performance for existing 32-bit applications as well as supporting new high-end 64-bit software. The key advantage of new 64-bit systems is that they are capable of using far more memory than current 32-bit processors which are limited to 4Gb, allowing them to run considerable more powerful software applications. The range incorporates two new tower models (PowerEdge 1800 and 2800) with rack mounted variants (1850 and 2850) of each. The PowerEdge 1800 is the model most likely to be of interest to small business users, offering[…]

This list encompasses both stand alone colour copiers and, more commonly, multi-function printers. Most of the single function copiers can easily be converted to MFPs through the addition of optional add-ons. Prices start at under £7,000 and extend to £19,000. HP Colour LaserJet 9500 MFP – BEST BUY HP’s only model in this segment is the 9500, a mid range work horse capable of producing both colour and mono A4 pages at 24ppm. The 512Mb of copier memory is higher than usual, most machines come with only 256Mb as standard, and the standard paper capacity is impressively high, as is the 200,000 page monthly duty cycle. Sharp AR-C172M New to the UK for 2005, the C172M offers 26ppm A4 mono[…]

The introduction of chemically produced toner has played a large part in improving the output quality of colour devices. Chemically produced toner particles are smaller and more uniformly shaped than their conventionally produced counterparts – 4 microns width instead of 8, and all smooth and round instead of random jagged flakes. This has several advantages, it produces sharper images, it is cheaper to manufacture, it doesn’t clog machines as much, and it is more efficient, around 40 percent less toner is used per page. The availability of affordable colour copy and print in the office has paved the way for many traditionally outsourced applications to be bought in-house. While many businesses would once have had to go to a copy[…]

Just two years ago colour photocopiers were considered too expensive and unreliable for general office duties, but today the devices are the darlings of the workgroup document production segment. Sales of single function colour photocopiers look set to remain fairly static around the 50,000 mark in Western Europe for the next four years, but InfoTrends/CAP Ventures predicts that copier based colour multi-function printers will exceed 650,000 unit placements by 2008. In the UK total copier placements are expected to decline with a compound annual growth rate of minus 1.5 per cent between now and 2008, but colour toner copiers are forecast to grow at a rate of 19.3 per cent over the same period. Across the whole of Western Europe[…]