Soon the humble document scanner will be elevated to a central role in office procedures, if eCopy gets its way. At the eCopy Paper Connection Forum in Miami this month the company announced a range of new products and partnerships aimed at enabling businesses to take control of an ever growing mountain of paper documents. The company, announced deals with Canon, Fujitsu, HP, Oce, Ricoh, Sharp and Toshiba to support their scanner and MFP products in version 3.0 of its ShareScan and ScanStation systems. The company expects ShareScan to become the de facto industry wide standard software that allows scanned documents to be automatically sent to common business applications, such as email, online archive systems or content management software.

Tim Corkery, senior vice president of sales at eCopy said “The industry is in the early stages of a long transition, MFP prices are dropping and they are becoming commodity devices. Businesses need to be able to connect those MFPs to their enterprise software, and that is what our systems allow them to do. Paper documents can now be an integral part of businesses applications and processes.”

The ScanStation product is a bolt-on console which can be physically attached to an MFP to provide the user with an easy interface to control what happens to a document when it is scanned. A wide range of third party add-ons are becoming available to allow users to easily integrate their MFPs with various applications and processes.

Previously eCopy has worked with minority shareholder Canon to provide this kind of functionality exclusively on its MEAP Java enabled MFP devices, but the company now plans to expand into the wider market by providing an open standard which all software and hardware vendors can use to link MFPs to business applications.

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