RAF Strike Command, the organisation responsible for coordinating the activities of all the UK’s military aircraft from fighters to transporters, has adopted ‘brainstorming’ software to help plan its operations. MindManager from MindJet (www.mindjet.co.uk) is described as a visual brainstorming and planning tool used as a digital alternative to whiteboards, flipcharts and notepads. Squadron Leader Mark Brown said “MindManager enables us to build concise visual ‘maps’ of our operational planning information, thus ‘focusing’ the initial stages of our work.”

The software brings together notes and ideas prepared on PCs and handhelds and allows them to be organised into visual maps which can then be exported into a variety of formats such as PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, web pages and so forth.

“RAF Strike Command’s use of MindManager proves that it can enhance the most critical and demanding of operational planning procedures.” Said Peter Bragg, sales manager at Mindjet UK.

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