Broadband Internet supplier, NTL Business (, has unveiled a range of Virtual Private Network products for the small business market under the brand name Broadband Power. For businesses that operate offices in separate locations, VPNs provide a way of linking all employees to the same network so that they can access the same files and applications. The technology can be used to link separate offices as well as employees working from home.

Commenting on the launch, Nigel Lee – Product Manager at NTL said “We wanted to ensure that we had a full range of VPN products to suit all needs, previously we had packages for large corporates but nothing for smaller businesses. This offering is more appropriate for SMEs because it uses a broadband connection rather than an expensive leased line.”

Conventional VPN systems carry the network traffic between locations via the Internet, which has led to security concerns. NTL claims that it can circumvent this issue by carrying data over its private network rather than through the public Internet. The company offers three different VPN packages, Professional, Office and Teleworker, each with varying levels of bandwidth and contention ratios. Broadband Power is a fully managed service, which means that all the necessary equipment will be installed and configured by a NTL engineer.

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