Exchequer Software Grants
Exchequer Software has launched a grants scheme for SMEs wishing to invest in the company’s Exchequer Enterprise business and accounting software. The grants, worth £250,000, will essentially take the form of discounts on the company’s software and will be made available to new customers over the next twelve months.

Ricoh MFD Enhancements
Ricoh’s entry level monochrome MFDs can now be expanded just as easily as the company’s high end models. The company recently announced that it will include its GW Architecture technology in all new models across its range of multi-function devices, right down to the humble 15 page per minute Aficio 2015. GW Architecture allows expansion modules to be plugged into the devices adding new or enhanced functionality, a feature previously only available on high volume models.

New Toshiba Office Suite
Aimed at SMEs, Toshiba’s recently launched Magnia Office Suite server provides a range of applications for small workgroups such as email, Internet connection sharing, file and print sharing and so forth. The server is designed to be easily managed by non-technical staff through a browser based interface and can be automatically upgraded with additional applications via the Internet. The entry level package is designed for 5 to 20 workstations and is priced at £899

Extended BlackBerry Support
T-Mobile has announced to extend BlackBerry connectivity to a range of leading handsets including the MDAII, Sony Ericsson P900 and Nokia 6820. The mobile operator plans to offer services such as Instant Email and BlackBerry Enterprise Server support later this year.

PCs for Hire
IT services company Adventi is offering to lease Internet equipped laptop PCs for £99 per month. The company can provide SMEs with Intel Centrino based laptops from Fujitsu Siemens, fitted with Vodafone GPRS datacards to provide mobile access to the Internet. The machines are also WiFi equipped so they can operate within wireless networks or hotspots.

MS Security Patch
Microsoft has released a new security update which fixes 20 recently discovered vulnerabilities in its Windows operating system. The update, flagged as a ‘critical’ by MS, closes holes which could leave PCs open to attack from viruses such as the recent MSBlast and even allow hackers to take control of machines remotely. The company routinely releases security updates, but this one is of particular importance due to the number and severity of the flaws it covers. The update, which can be downloaded from www.microsoft.com/security/ comes as four individual patches – all of which need to be installed. The update affects all versions of the operating system from Windows 98 upwards.

Ideas for Sale
Want to expand your sphere of operations but running short on inspiration? The Lightbulb Factory could be just what you need. This new web site offers subscribers a new business idea every month, complete with a dossier of research and planning material for each new idea. The site’s founder, Angus MacLeod has a 15 year background in consumer brand marketing and new product development. Subscriptions cost £59 per year.

Brother Discounts
Until the end of June Brother is offering discounts across its range of printers and MFDs. At the high end, customers can get £200 off the HL-3450 and HL-4200 colour workgroup printers and lower down the range the HL-7050 model has a £50 discount.

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