Improving on the Business Card
Business cards are useful for giving somebody your contact details but not much more, and brochures let you give people plenty of information about your organisation but are usually too bulky. The Bizcard Booster provides a happy medium between the two. Like all the best ideas it is remarkably simple, consisting of nothing more than a thin folded card wallet designed to hold a business card. When folded shut it is barely any thicker or larger than the business card itself but unfolds to roughly three times the size, providing plenty of space to print all sorts of information about you and your organisation. On top of this, the Boosters also happen to look nicely impressive and that in itself will help draw the recipients attention to your message.
Price: From #400 for 1000 with full colour printing on both sides.

Toshiba Widens Projector Range
There are four new additions to Toshiba’s projector line up. Aimed at the mobile presentation market the S70 weighs just 2.2Kg, has a throw distance of 1.26 meters and a luminosity of 2000 lumens, making it ideal for use in the kind of meeting room conditions that are not always perfect for projection. The S71 model is similar in all respects except for the addition of a detachable camera arm which can be used to capture images from hard copy documents and display them in the presentation. Also new to the range is the S20, a 1400 lumens budget DLP projector with a native resolution of 800 by 600 pixels. The device is designed as a dual-use projector for use both in the office and at home, for displaying DVD movies and other leisure applications. Its sister model, the SW20 includes wireless features allowing users to set the device up easily without the need for messy cables.
Price: S70 #1081, S71 #1330, S20 #764, SW20 #998,

Mitsubishi Offers Longer Lamp Life
Mitsubishi has added two new projectors to its product line. The SL4SU has a native resolution of 800 by 600 while the XL5U offers 1024 by 768. Both machines have a brightness of 1700 lumens and at 2.7Kg are light enough to fit into the mobile presentation category. The projectors feature a low lamp mode which allows them to squeeze up to 5000 hours of life out of each lamp, thus helping to address one of the main concerns for projector users. The devices offer useful security features such as password protection and the ability to install a company logo on the device that can only be removed with a secret pin number. Users planning to sneak the devices home for the weekend to watch DVDs will be glad to know about the 3D CineView feature which improves the quality of video images by eliminated jagged lines.
Price: SL4SE #749, XL5U #1050

Small Footprint, Wide Format Printing
Printer manufacturer Ricoh this month launched the Aficio 240W, billed as the world’s smallest wide format MFP. Designed with pay-per-print and design shops where floor space is at a premium, the machine saves extra space with its full-frontal operation which allows it to be placed against a wall. The device can handle paper sizes of A4 to A0 and prints at 600dpi with up to 256 greyscales and can print or copy at speeds of 3.6 meters per minute. A tilting facility makes it easier to move the machine between floors without having to reconfigure it.
Price #9,995

Slimline Backup from NEC
NEC has launched what it claims is the UK’s first slimline 8 speed DVD RW drive to support the new Double Layer format, the ND6500. The drive has been purpose designed to provide a high capacity lightweight backup solution for laptop users. By supporting the new Dual Layer standard for recordable and rewritable DVDs the drive is able to provide up to 8.5Gb of storage on a single DVD, which should be ample for most users’ backup needs. The ND6500 uses NEC’s ‘Active Optimised Power Control’ which is able to identify problems such as fingerprints and scratches on the DVD surface and overcome the problems they usually create. The drive is compatible with all of the major DVD standards as well as CD R/RW and can read standard CD roms at speeds of up to 24x.
Price: TBA

Enhanced Email Security
Clearswift this month launched version II of its MAILsweeper Business Suite email security package. The software provides a suite of tools to provide email content security, block spam and monitor staff use of your email systems. A major addition to this version is the inclusion of the Personal Message Manager tool which allows end users to examine quarantined spam and release mails which have been wrongly identified as junk mail. This provides an easy way to deal with ‘false positives’ – an unfortunate side effect of spam filtering systems. Also new to this version is the Report Centre, which provides detailed web based reports on how email is being used throughout the organisation. The package incorporates MAILsweeper 4.3 for SMTP which allows administrators to set their own policies to filter spam and inappropriate content.
Price TBA

Colour Laser for the Workgroup
Epson’s latest colour laser printer/copier, the AcuLaser Color Station 8600+ is a combination of the AcuLaser 8600 A3W printer and the GT-15000 A3 scanner. The device offers colour printing at up to 8ppm and black and white speeds of 35ppm, with scanning speeds of 4msec/line at a resolution of 600 by 1200dpi. The copying function has a first copy time of 16 seconds for mono copies and 27 seconds for colour. Paper sizes of up to A3 are supported with an input capacity of 1400 sheets. Both Mac OSX and MS Windows platforms are catered for and the machine is compatible with standard 10/100 BaseT networks. The 8600+ features Epson’s ASIC printing technology which provides storage facilities and features such as job reprints and verification.
Price #5739

IBM Adds New Colour Lasers
Two new additions to IBMs range of colour laser printers will, the company claims, help customers cut their printing costs. The Infoprint Colour 1334 is an entry level machine designed for small businesses or workgroups who need a sturdy monochrome printer with the capability for occasional colour jobs. The small footprint device prints mono pages at 30ppm and colour at 8ppm and is being promoted as an ideal alternative to colour ink-jets which have high ongoing costs attached. Designed as an affordable workgroup machine the Infoprint 1412 is a low end monochrome laser which offers speeds of up to 27ppm and networking capability. It also features an enclosed paper drawer and two-element toner cartridge. Both devices include IBM’s MarkVision software which provides a simple interface to manage the machines and allows real-time monitoring.
Price # Infoprint Colour 1334 #699, Infoprint 1412 #289

Professional Product Photos in a Snap
Thanks to the proliferation of good quality affordable digital cameras, more companies are able to produce their own product photography for brochures, press releases and so forth. But without proper photography training it can be hard to take good looking pictures of your products – this is where the Cubelite can help. Cubelite is a kind of portable photography studio which makes it easy to get the correct lighting for your photograph and take bright, professional looking pictures. As well as eliminating heavy shadows the Cublite can also be used to photograph shiny objects without any reflections on their surfaces. The device is designed to be used by people without any photography expertise and comes in three different sizes. A truly innovative idea.
Price #299 for 2ft model, #349 for 3ft model, #399 for 4ft model

Acer Updates Laptop Lineup
Leading laptop manufacturer Acer has added two new lines to its product range. The Aspire 1660 series is a high end offering which features a large 15.4inch widescreen display, Intel Pentium processors up to 3.4Ghz, hard drives capacity of up to 80Gb and powerful ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 IGP 3D graphics processors. The entire range features a built in modem and Ethernet adapter and wireless LAN connectivity is available as an option. The company also introduced its new TravelMate 3200 series, targeted at mobile professionals weighing just 2.07Kg. The 3200 features a 14.1inch screen and is based on Intel Centrino technology allowing it to run for up to four hours on a single battery charge. Both new series benefit from Acer’s new styling which the company claims offers both practical and aesthetic improvements over conventional laptop designs.

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