According to a recent survey carried out by YouGov on behalf of Microsoft has found that while 85 per cent of small business managers say the desktop PC is invaluable to their business, only 44 per cent think that technology increases their ability to generate profit. Over 75 per cent of managers use email, the Internet and MS Office applications every day, while only 60 per cent use their mobile phones and just 11 per cent use a PDA on a daily basis.

John Coulthard, director of small business at Microsoft UK said “Small businesses can’t afford ‘dead time’ and although the desktop PC is important, what really empowers employees is access to information whether they are working from home or on the road. Mobility solutions such as tablet PCs, smartphones and Internet enabled PDAs give small businessstaff the ability to work from anywhere, ensuring that technology continually delivers value.”

The survey also revealed that 17 per cent of managers would consider buying illegal software despite the legal and security risks. 44 per cent of managers always choose the cheapest telecoms supplier, 25 per cent always choose the cheapest premises and 22 per cent would always select the cheapest technology available. Security and staff were two areas where small businesses were prepared to spend more for higher quality.

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