PalmOne Number One

PDA manufacturer PalmOne has regained the number one position in the European market according to industry watcher Context. As of October 2004 the company had a 39 per cent market share in the leading four European economies, closely followed by Hewlett Packard with 38 per cent. In the UK alone PalmOne has achieved 54 per cent year on year growth in its dealer channel sales. The company may owe much of its recent success to Sony, which exited the PDA market earlier this year and left PalmOne as the only major supplier of Palm OS based handhelds in the world. Devices such as the popular Treo 600 smartphone and Zire 31 budget PDA have helped the company push its way back to the top of the market.

Laptops Linked to Infertility

Researchers at the University of New York have warned that regularly working with a laptop resting on your lap could lower sperm counts in men and eventually lead to infertility. In a study titled “Increase in Scrotal Temperature in Laptop Computer Users” Dr Yefim Sheynkin found that the heat given off by laptops was enough to raise the temperature of the users testicles by up to three degrees – enough to adversely affect sperm production. Dr Sheynkin warned that long term use of a laptop could lead to irreversible changes in the male reproductive function. Fortunately there is a simple solution, men should simply work at a desk, or anywhere that avoids the computer being placed directly on the lap.

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