After enjoying great success with its first Ferrari branded notebook, PC manufacturer Acer has launched a new version based on more up to date technology. Purring away under the bonnet of this stylish machine you’ll find the leading edge AMD Athlon 64 processor, 512Mb of memory, a high end ATI Radeon 9700 graphics processor with 128Mb of dedicated video memory and an 80Gb hard drive. The company has admirably decided not to rely on the Ferrari brand name to shift units, but taken the time to build a seriously powerful computer. You should be able to find the machine for around £1170 (ex. VAT) – a more than reasonable price considering the computing horsepower and head turning looks this machine[…]

BT this month announced plans for a radical overhaul of the public telephone network to take place over the next few years. The 21st Century Network, or 21CN programme will see BT migrate the UK’s aging PSTN (public service telephone network) to a more modern IP (internet protocol) network. Trials of the new system will begin almost immediately with large scale migration scheduled for 2006, paving the way for the majority of phone services to be using the new network by 2008. Although similar technologies are involved, BT is keen to make a the distinction between the services it will offer on a high capacity private IP network and the voice over IP services that are currently run on the[…]