We’re seeing consolidation of the printers and copier markets. We’re seeing a lot of customers who want to consolidate their assets, they want to take their faxes, scanners, copiers, printers and put them into a single multifunction device. We’re also seeing then that the customers who have taken that step and consolidated those assets it’s really key that they maximise that asset utilisation. Can it be use to help me change my processes? Can I integrate it into a process that maybe I can scan from the device at high speed into a database system, and invoice management system or something like Sage.

It’s about cost and productivity, bringing those asset costs together, but also asking how it can change my business, how can it help me move forward.

Integrate into Business Proc
One of our partners has built a connector that enables Sage users to be able to walk up to our devices with maybe invoices, delivery notes or whatever parts they use for Sage, walk up to our devices, select a template and press go. That document is then placed inside Sage.

From the device straight into Sage account. Indiv doesn’t know how it works – scan document, press button, data in applications.

Anybody with literally minutes of training can learn to select a template from a device using the interface, place a document in the handler and press a button. Let’s say you had 50 sheets for instance, those 50 sheets can be placed into a specified invoice or customer advice. It’s really about ease of use. We call it ‘Green Button Easy’.

It’s all about the consistency of the devices, and making them look and feel the same. If somebody has learned how to use a 35ppm device can the same steps be used on a higher volume machine? So consistency of the user interface, the processes and the architecture are all very important. At the end of the day you don’t want to integrate a lower speed MFP into your processes, finding your business needs grow so you need a faster device and then you have to relearn something.

Benefits of consolidation.
Less power, less supplies, less training. Each function on our devices works as well as a single function device, but all in one box. That’s very important, you don’t want to consolidate everything and then find out that the fax or the scanner is much slower than it was before.

You’ve also got a consistent services, with our devices of course you have just one service contract, you can also have cost per copy contracts so you understand how much you’re paying per print or copy. If you’re managing separate devices all with their own consumables it can be very difficult to understand exactly how much you’re paying since costs can differ wildly across the various devices. Bringing that all into one device helps people get a handle on the costs.

Colour that’s good enough vs colour that has to be spot on for marketing etc…

Buying advice.
The number one question people should ask is: Does my product multi-task or does it multifunction? Because if it can’t handle the sort of diverse workloads I’m going to send to it, if it can’t copy, scan, fax and print at the same time then I’m going to have to take things offline. Is that really a true multifunction product?

Can it grow as my needs grow? Can I start of with a plain copier and then maybe add fax, print and scanning as my needs grow?

Can I migrate my colour volume onto this device? Can I start bringing some of those colour jobs that I used to send out to those expensive print shops back in house and start understanding and managing the costs better?

If any function fails do they all fail? Will the whole device go down if the scanner stops?

Can I prioritise my jobs? Do I have any way of moving jobs up and down the queue? If the MD wants to get his job out for that important meeting can it be prioritised?

Is it a good network citizen? Can my IT manager be confident that if he puts it on the network it’s not going to bring it down? Does it use current standards?

Security? Ldap? Users logging on to device before they can use it?

Third party security accreditation? NIAB common criteria certification.

Mono Products Specialist UK

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