We’re seeing consolidation of the printers and copier markets. We’re seeing a lot of customers who want to consolidate their assets, they want to take their faxes, scanners, copiers, printers and put them into a single multifunction device. We’re also seeing then that the customers who have taken that step and consolidated those assets it’s really key that they maximise that asset utilisation. Can it be use to help me change my processes? Can I integrate it into a process that maybe I can scan from the device at high speed into a database system, and invoice management system or something like Sage. It’s about cost and productivity, bringing those asset costs together, but also asking how it can change[…]

In terms of the colour market in general we are seeing the market growing at a tremendous rate in terms of units, that’s primarily being fuelled by the fact that the price point of colour lasers has come down significantly over the past twelve months. So what we’re finding is that SMB customers are finding that the acquisition costs of buying a colour laser are much less than they were previously so we’re seeing the demand for the devices increase significantly. The thing with cost per page is that it’s a really subjective measure because everybody measures it in different ways, so its very difficult for customers to get an accurate picture of what cost per pages. And also often[…]

IT giant Hewlett Packard this month announced its intention to seriously disrupt the conventional copier market, unveiling a strategy clearly aimed at dislodging established photocopier vendors. At the heart of the plan is the newly launched LaserJet 4345 multi function printer which, the company claims, delivers similar performance and features to mainstream copiers at roughly a third of the cost. The machine, to be priced around £1500, provides 45ppm printing and copying in a desktop sized package. The device will be sold through HP’s existing reseller channel and will not require the customer to take out any sort of service contract. The company believes this approach will allow it to reach the small to medium business sector far more effectively[…]

For workers who need to do a lot of travelling, a lightweight laptop can make life a lot easier and the latest addition to the Dell’s Latitude range is the lightest ever. Available in various configurations the Latitude X1 weighs as little as 1.14Kg and features a full size keyboard and 12.1 inch wide format screen. Designed for use on the road, the screen features extra bracing to cope with being stuffed into full bags and the keyboard is built to withstand spillages. The wide format screen is not as tall as conventional notebook screens and is therefore easier to use on the kind of fold down tray tables found on aircraft or trains. The base specification for the machine[…]

New Technologies PCI Express, faster graphics. We’re also seeing increased usage of wireless on desktops in small businesses. A lot of that is to do with small businesses wanting to have the flexibility to change around their office configuration. While you tend to think of wireless as being a notebook technology it’s increasingly applicable to desktops. Increasing Specifications Size of hard drives is something that we’re seeing continue to grow. You think you’re getting to a point where you’re capping out your needs from a business perspective but we’re actually not seeing that, we’re seeing demand even in the business space for huge hard drives. We have up to 400Gb hard drives available. What you’re seeing is that people are[…]

Things are going extremely well over, I would say, probably now the last year and a half to two years. I think initially where we’ve seen most of the growth and last year there was something like 30-35 per cent growth in the mobile space purely on laptops. Initially what we’ve seen was a big growth in the consumer and small business area, that’s now kinda been joined to the beginnings of this year with an upgrade in the business sector – that means anywhere between 500 employees to multinationals. We’re still seeing that ride relatively high. The complete market if you add consumer and the corporate large business space that growth has beginning to slow off but it’s still[…]

The major development has got to be the way that the prices have dropped right down, the rate at which prices have dropped has accelerated. Other than that the main technological development has been the changeover from CRT monitors to flatscreen LCD displays. Strong pound against the dollar – if goes the other way Flat Screens As the notebook market has increased the flatscreen manufacturers have ramped up their production facilities and a lot of that capacity has been used to produce flatscreens for desktops. They’re a big winner because people equate having a flatscreen with new technology, it makes them feel the technology has moved on. People feel a lot better having a flatscreen in front of them. IBM/Lenovo[…]

Telecommunications vendor Avaya this month announced an IP based desktop videoconferencing system that allows users to make video calls with all the simplicity of a standard voice only call. Rather than requiring users to enter an IP addresses to initiate a video-call, the new system only needs users to enter their colleague’s phone number to make a call. The system works over a standard IP based company network and remote workers can use a broadband connection to participate in video-calls. The system uses Polycom’s ViaVideo II camera, integrated with Avaya’s IP Softphone product which emulates a users desktop phone in software on the PC. The system is able to deliver high quality 30 frames per second video without placing any[…]

The Confederation of British Industry has welcomed comments by chancellor Gordon Brown attacking the unfair procurement practices prevalent in the European Union. Brown’s comments came on the heels of a Treasury commissioned report (carried out by Siemens chief executive, Alan Wood) which found that some EU governments were making it difficult for British companies to compete on an equal footing with local suppliers for lucrative government contracts. The chancellor said “Alan Wood will report – and tomorrow I will raise this in Brussels, standing up for Britain and British interests – how fair competition in the awarding of government contracts is being held back in many EU member states, penalising enterprising and innovative companies.  In the interests of competition and[…]